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St. Giles Church, Imber, Will Be Open During The Last Week Of August 2014

St. Giles Church, Imber, will be open to the public between 23rd August and 31st August 2014 inclusive.

The annual St. Gilestide service will be held at St. Giles Church, Imber, on Sunday 31st August 2014, commencing at 3.00 p.m.

Sunrise, Warminster

Wednesday 30th July 2014:

Sunrise, Warminster.
5.45 a.m. Wednesday 30th July 2014.
Photograph taken by Danny Howell.

The Wren's Song And David Hill's Wonderful Book 'The Farmhouse Tree'

Wednesday 30th July 2014:

Danny Howell writes ~

I love this poem WREN'S SONG included by David Hill in his wonderful biography The Farmhouse Tree.

David Hill is a poet, children's writer (Dragon Quest), contributor to the Western Morning News, and a conservationist. He lives in Kernow.

His delightful book THE FARMHOUSE TREE has a Foreword by Philip Bowern (Western Morning News) and an Introduction by Michael Moorcock.

Memories of a farming childhood without electricity, when Gran’s five-pound-note Christmas present would buy almost half a mile of liquorice bootlaces, over ten thousand aniseed balls, three hundred Mars bars or weekly copies of the Dandy for eleven years.

A time of village characters charming warts, knocking in fence posts with a clenched fist, cutting a Christmas cake with a mallet and chisel, eating cheese with maggots in it and requesting a baked sparrow pie.

A time of sex education in bullpen and field, and when a pig’s bladder made a super football.

A time when an aged maiden aunt knew everything cost an arm and a leg, money didn’t grow on trees, the love of it was the root of all evil and curiosity killed the cat.

Here are extended ‘Country Notebook’ entries from the Western Morning News, with numerous unpublished additions recalling a way of life that is no more.

Paperback: 211 pages, illustrated.
Publisher: Jayde Design (25 Oct 2013)
ISBN-10: 0957576412
ISBN-13: 978-0957576414.
Price: £12•99 (incl. P. & P. within the U.K.)

For further details and how to purchase online, see: http://jaydedesign.com/Farmhouse/

You can also follow David Hill on Twitter, where he includes extracts from the book, photographs and many other glorious things about the countryside.


Hare Playing Hide And Seek

Wednesday 30th July 2014:

Paul Green took this wonderful photograph
of a hare with its front paws over its eyes,
and added the brilliant caption:
" . . . 99 . . . 100 . . . Ready or not, coming!"

A Leveret With Muddy Paws

Wednesday 30th July 2014:

Delightful photograph by Richard Steel
of a leveret with muddy paws gathering speed
as it races out of a potato field.

A Military Vehicle On The Southern Range Road, Warminster

Tuesday 29th July 2014:

A military vehicle and trailer heading east
on the Chalk Hill stretch of the Southern Range
road, Boreham, Warminster.
Battlesbury Wood in the background.
The photograph was taken by Danny Howell
on Tuesday 29th July 2014.

Valley News Goes Tabloid With Five Editions Including A Warminster Valley News

Tuesday 29th July 2014:

As of Friday 1st August 2014 the Valley News takes on a new look ~ forsaking its A4 size, going bigger as a tabloid comprising an easy-to-read format ~ with not one edition covering the whole south Wiltshire area but five editions including a Warminster Valley News. The other editions will be Gillingham and Shaftesbury Valley News, Amesbury & Durrington Valley News, Wilton & Salisbury Valley News, and Salisbury & Wilton Valley News. And it all remains free to pick up a copy from various outlets such as Silver Street News, Morrisons, and Poundland in Warminster, the cost being met by advertising. 

The publishers who are based at 19 Crow Lane, Wilton, SP2 0HB, are pleased to announce that the change will allow them to provide more local news and better pictures, with features and advice from experts writing on topics ranging from gardening to health and beauty. They say: "Each month, we will help you tell your community what is going on in your area in clubs, societies and village halls, and the local council. Each month, we will carry useful advertisements from local businesses to help you find the best tradespeople, shops, cafes, restaurants, pubs, financial and business advice, and more, classifieds and free-ads." 

The Valley News team would like to thank all the readers and advertisers who have supported them for the past few years and enabled them to launch their attractive new-look format. 

Telephone 01722 743712 (sales and advertising)
 and 01722 716268 (editor).

Assault On The Landlord Of The Pig And Whistle, Melksham ~ Warminster Man Pleads Guilty To a Charge Of Causing GBH

CCTV footage of an assault on Antony Dobbin, the landlord of the Pig And Whistle pub at Melksham, on Sunday 31st March 2013, was shown at Swindon Crown Court yesterday (Monday 28th July 2014).

Simon Smith, aged 28, of Russell Court, Warminster, has pleaded guilty to a charge of grievous bodily harm.

The case has now been adjourned to Friday 15th August 2014, so a pre-sentence report can be prepared. 

Report on the Wiltshire Times website, click here.

Saturday Night Fever 80s Party At KS Underground, Warminster

Saturday Night Fever 80's 
Fancy Dress Party
DJ Farmski
KS Underground,
9 Weymouth Street, Warminster, BA12 9NP
Saturday 2nd August 2014
For further details telephone
01985 988005