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Karaoke At The Rose And Crown, Warminster

Karaoke at the Rose And Crown, East Street, Warminster, on Sunday 24th August 2014, from 8.30 p.m. Free admission.

Auditions for Warminster Festival Old Tyme Music Hall

Auditions for the Old Tyme Music Hall which will be presented on Sunday 2nd November 2014, as part of Warminster Festival 2014, will be held at the Athenaeum, High Street, Warminster, on Saturday 6th September 2014, commencing at 6.00 p.m. The Old Tyme Music Hall will be the finale show of the Festival and will be in the style of the good old days, paying tribute to the magic of the theatre during the First World War years. 

Help For Heroes Fundraiser At The Yew Tree, Warminster

BBQ, Children's Fun Day, Table Top Sale and Karaoke/Disco at the Yew Tree, Boreham Road, Warminster, on Saturday 30th August 2014. Proceeds to Help For Heroes. For further details and/or to book a table top please phone Mikey: 01985 217731.

Man's Gold Ring Lost In The Avenue-Portway Area Of Warminster

Saturday 23rd August 2014:

Lost ~ a man's gold signet ring with a large red stone ~ from the Avenue / Portway area of Warminster on Tuesday 19th August 2014. Of huge sentimental value. If found please phone 01985 846189.

Songs Of Praise At Corsley Showground

Songs Of Praise will be held at the Corsley Showground, Corsley, on Sunday 24th August 2014, commencing at 6.00 p.m. Everyone welcome.

Warminster U3A To Hear About Faberge

Mark Wilson will give a talk on Faberge, the famous Russian jeweller, at the Monthly General Meeting of Warminster U3A, at Warminster Civic Centre, off Sambourne Road, Warminster, on Wednesday 27th August 2014, commencing at 2.00 p.m. Free refreshments. Members £2. Visitors £3. 

Ben And Tim At The Rose And Crown, Warminster

Ben and Tim play live at the Rose and Crown, East Street, Warminster, on Saturday 23rd August 2014, from 9.00 p.m. onwards. Free admission.

John O'Groats To Lands End JCB Marathon Calls In At Waitrose, Warminster

Thursday 21st August 2014:

The scene outside the Waitrose supermarket,
Station Road, Warminster, on the morning of
Thursday 21st August 2014.

This brand new JCB is being driven from 
John O'Groats to Lands End by Esmor Davies.
The route, nearly 2,000 miles
is on A roads, and will take six weeks.
The journey started on 26th July.

Esmor is raising funds 
for visually impaired people,
supporting Blind Veterans UK
in Forfar, Scotland.
The target is £500,000.

The Waitrose company have donated to
Esmor's fundraising.

A cheque for the JCB Marathon from Waitrose
for the sum of £346.

Esmor pictured with the cheque.

An illustration on the bucket of the JCB.

Three of Esmor's helpers with their
collecting buckets.

Shoppers going in and out of Waitrose, 
Warminster, were very generous.

The Welsh red dragon painted on the JCB.

Esmor said that of all the towns he had stopped at
en route, Royal Wootton Bassett and Warminster
had shown the friendliest response from people.

A dragon on the JCB.

Esmor, aged 68, a Welshman 
through and through, lives in Buckley,
Cheshire. He has worked in the building trade
and is no stranger to charity fundraising.
11 years ago Esmor stepped in to help 
Ian Hunt, from Buckley, who had been 
left paralysed after a motorcycle accident.
 Since then, Esmor has made countless trips 
to the Balkans transporting equipment 
to help war orphans. He helped rebuild 
an orphanage, and travelled to Sri Lanka 
to help tsunami victims 
rebuild their communities.

Part of the proceeds from the JCB Marathon
will go towards the provision of a sensory
garden for the blind in Llandudno.
£50,000 is needed to fund the garden project.

Decked with bunting, the JCB caused
quite stir outside Waitrose in Warminster.
Esmor said he couldn't thank enough
Waitrose for all their help, and that he
was truly grateful for everyone who had
assisted or donated to the fundraising.

The registration of the JCB which is making 
the trip. It has a top speed of 27 mph.

Warminster resident Debbie Martin
and her two sons Archie and Finn
stopped on the way into Waitrose
to see and hear about the JCB Marathon.

Archie, aged 7, and Finn, aged 2,
like lots of other young children,
were granted the chance to explore
the cab of the JCB.

Mum Debbie takes a photo of the boys.

The route Esmor is taking and what's happening
along the way can be followed on Facebook:

Archie and Finn put their donation 
to the charity fundraising 
into one of the collection buckets.

Warminster resident Angela Adam
was happy to make a donation.

All smiles!

The sign on the rear of the JCB.
Contact telephone number
07877 292394.
 You can donate online via Just Giving.
To see the JCB Marathon donations page
click here.

You can also find out more about 
the JCB marathon
from its own dedicated website. Click here.

Photographs taken by Danny Howell.

A Charger For Electric Cars In The Central Car Park, Warminster, But Electric Cars Do Not Have Reserved Access ~ Motorcycles And Non-Electric Cars Can Prevent Electric Cars From Charging ~ It's Ludicrous!

Thursday 21st August 2014:

  On 3rd July 2014, we posted photos on this
website showing that a charger 
for electric cars had been installed 
in the Central Car Park, Warminster.
Click here to see that post.
Unfortunately, as these photos taken today
(Thursday 21st August 2014) show, there
could be a problem for electric cars to park
in the four parking bays nearest the charger.

Two of the bays are marked 'M/C', 
denoting they are for the parking of 
motorcycles and cycles only.
Parking a car in these bays, electric or not,
could be deemed "misuse" 
and liable to a fine.

Photographs taken by Danny Howell
on Thursday 21st August 2014.

Sign clearly indicating that the two bays
on the north side of the charger are for
bicycles and motor cycles only and that
there is a penalty for misuse.

The other two nearest bays to the charger,
on the south side of it, are not in any way
marked at all, not even for allocation to
electric cars for charging. So it seems any car 
can park in those, again denying access to 
anyone with an electric car who wants to charge 
it up while they are shopping or otherwise.

Someone seeing this today, remarked:
"Full marks to the Council for the provision
of a charger, but a dunce's cap to them for
not ensuring electric car owners can park
near the charger at any time. It's ludicrous!"

No doubt this situation, of electric cars
being denied access to the charger,
 will be rectified soon.