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Warminster Town Council Objects To Change Of Use Of The Snooty Fox Pub To A Residential Dwelling

Wednesday 15th May 2019:

Warminster Town Council Objects To Change Of Use Of The Snooty Fox Pub To A Residential Dwelling
Warminster Town Council’s Planning Advisory Committee has objected to a planning application to change the use of The Snooty Fox, Brook Street, Warminster, from a public house to a dwelling.

Town Councillors are concerned that approval for this application would result in the loss of a community asset. Change of use of a public house to a residential dwelling has to be justified and is a complicated area of planning law. Councillors felt that more clarity was required as to whether the case had been made that the pub was no longer viable.

Town Councillor Tony Nicklin proposed that Warminster Town Council were unable to support the application until it had been shown that the pub was not a viable community asset and that the guidance for community assets under the National Planning Policy Framework [NPPF] was being taken into account. This proposal was seconded by Town Councillor Sue Fraser, and the committee voted unanimously in favour of the motion.

The Town Council is only a consultee, so has no power to reject the planning application, it can only offer its opinion. Town Councillors have also asked that the planning application be ‘called in’ at Wiltshire Council by the Unitary Member for this part of Warminster, Councillor Tony Jackson, so that the relevant planning laws can be properly assessed. This could mean that the application might be discussed by Wiltshire Councillors before a decision is made on whether to grant planning permission or not.

Chocolate Tombola For CLIC At Morrisons, Warminster

Thursday 18th April 2019:

Chocolate Tombola
Weymouth Street, Warminster
Easter Saturday, 20th April 2019
10.30 a.m.
All proceeds to CLIC.

Historic England Say There Is No Acceptable Layout For 100 Houses At Home Farm, Boreham, Warminster

Sunday 14th April 2019:

Historic England say there is no layout acceptable for development of 100 houses on land east of the Dene (Home Farm) Boreham, Warminster, due to historic assets in and around the area. These assets include a neolithic flint factory. 


  Land east of The Dene, Warminster 
(part of Home Farm), which is proposed
for a development of 100 houses
but is unacceptable say Historic England.

17th Century Wall Between Boreham And Bishopstrow Hotel Would Be Affected By Development At Home Farm

Sunday 14th April 2019:

A 17th Century wall that runs all the way from Boreham to Bishopstrow Hotel would be affected by proposed development of 100 houses at Home Farm (land east of The Dene), Warminster.


 Boreham Road, Boreham, Warminster.
On the left is part of the 17th century wall
near the entrance to Home Farm.

On the left: part of the 17th century wall 
between Walnut Tree Cottage (No.195) 
and The Cotes (No.211), Boreham Road.

Warminster Town Centre Will Be Closed To Motor Traffic For A St. George's Day Parade On Sunday 28th April 2019

Sunday 14th April 2019:

Warminster Town Centre
will be closed to motor traffic
on Sunday 28th April 2019
from 12.30 p.m. to 3.30 p.m.
for a St. George's Day Parade.

Coffee Beans No Longer On The Cup At Costa Coffee, Warminster

Saturday 16th February 2019:

 The coffee beans which were glued to the
top of the cup on the exterior of the window
at Costa Coffee, Three Horseshoes Walk,
Warminster, have been removed.

 Photographs taken by Danny Howell
on Saturday 16th February 2019.


Warminster Town Council Seeks The Public's Views For The Future Use Of The Putting Green In The Lake Pleasure Grounds (Town Park)

Warminster Town Council Seeks The Public's Views For The Future Use Of The Putting Green In The Lake Pleasure Grounds (Town Park)

Warminster Town Councillors are asking the public to give them their views on the future use of the putting green area in the Lake Pleasure Grounds (Town Park). 

At a recent meeting of the Devolved Services and Assets Committee, Councillors unanimously agreed that the council would review the future of the putting green area in conjunction with other facilities such as picnic areas, boules and planting, and in due course come forward with a proposal to enhance the area.

Councillors want the public to come forward with their ideas and suggestions as to the future use of the area currently known as the putting green. They are particularly keen for anyone with a leaning towards landscape gardening to come forward for discussions.

Councillors also agreed, that in the meantime, that the bin blocking the gate into the putting green be relocated and that two picnic benches and three other benches would be purchased and located just inside the gate.

Heytesbury Imber & Knook Parish Council Sets Its Budget

Friday 1st February 2019:

Heytesbury Imber & Knook Parish Council Sets Its Budget.

At a meeting of the Heytesbury Imber & Knook Parish Council held on the 15th January 2019, members considered the budget for the next financial year. The figures were carefully reviewed, and it was agreed unanimously to set a figure of £11,817 for 2019/20. This translates to the sum of £33.84 for every Band D equivalent property, paid to the Parish Council for the year. This is a 30% increase on last year, £7.81 for the year or 65p per week.

Members of the council made the difficult decision to agree this increase after recognising that there had been no rise in the Parish budget for over ten years. Reserves have been used in previous years to balance the figures, but these have now been exhausted and to continue carrying out the statutory duties and preferred services in the Parish, an increase has become inevitable. Part of local governance regulations require the council to keep a total of three months operating expenditure retained for the financial year and this could not be met without an increase.

Councillor Anne Perry, Chairman of the Parish Council, said: “There have been some real pressures on the budget as the costs of maintaining the parish are rising all the time. The council has made this difficult decision as it needs to raise funds to put towards the cost of necessary repairs to the village play equipment, repairs to the War Memorial and maintenance of the footpaths and street furniture. In addition, since last year, to comply with General Data Protection Regulations, some software and the website require updating. The Parish Council will be able to continue the additional grass cutting, cleaning of bus shelters and repairs or replacement to litter bins that has been carried out in the last few years, to keep the Parish looking at its best, which we know is appreciated by our residents.”

New Blue Plaques For Warminster's Heritage Trail

Thursday 31st January 2019:

New Blue Plaques For The Heritage Trail In Warminster.

Twenty new blue plaques have been put up in Warminster to highlight the town’s heritage. The plaques are mainly on historic buildings, and include the Chapel of Saint Lawrence (founded in the early 1200’s), and The Old Bell, Warminster’s oldest surviving inn, recorded as The Bell as long ago as 1483.

The public can download a copy of the trail map, which also includes brief notes on the historic significance of each site. 

Warminster Town Council has taken over responsibility for the heritage blue plaques, many of which were originally installed by Warminster Civic Trust. Over the years the condition of many of the plaques became quite poor and so it was agreed to audit the condition of the plaques with a view to replacing those that were in the poorest condition. 

The new plaques have already brought much praise from those who have seen them, for the clarity of the wording and the quality of the signs. The wording on some of the plaques was changed with the assistance of former members of Warminster Civic Trust and members of Warminster History Society, to make sure that they were as accurate and up to date as possible.

 The old blue plaque at Chinn's Court, Warminster.

  The new blue plaque at Chinn's Court.

The Warminster Sky At Dusk

Wednesday 30th January 2018:

 The Warminster sky at dusk.
Photograph taken by Danny Howell
on Wednesday 30th January 2019.

Talk & Tour And Open Day At Kingdown School, Warminster

Monday 28th January 2019:

Kingdown School

Talk & Tour
Tuesday 5th February 2019
9.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m.

Open Day
Tuesday 2nd July 2019
9.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m.
5.00 p.m. to 6.30 p.m.
Headteacher talks at 
10.00 a.m. and 6.00 p.m.

Woodcock Road, Warminster, BA12 9DR
Telephone 01985 215551
email: admin@kingdown.wilts.sch.uk

Warminster Town Councillors Determined To Nip Anti-Social Behaviour In The Bud

Monday 28th January 2019:

Warminster Town Councillors Aim To Nip Anti-Social Behaviour In The Bud

Warminster Town Councillors say they are determined to nip anti-social behaviour in the bud. They are concerned after a spike in the number of incidences of anti-social behaviour around the town and particularly in the Lake Pleasure Grounds (the Town Park), where there has been, for example, the safety fencing round the paddling pool has been attacked, benches outside the Pavilion Café have been overturned, and toilet paper set on fire in one of the public toilets.

It seems that a very small number of young people are responsible for several incidents of anti-social behaviour. Councillors are clear that this is a very tiny number of young people who are not representative of the overwhelming majority of young people in Warminster.

Warminster Town Council is working with the Police, PCSOs and the CCTV operators to catch and deter the culprits. Councillors urge the public to be vigilant and report any anti-social behaviour they see to the Police by phoning 101.

 Warminster Town Councillor Steve Jeffries.

Town Councillor Steve Jeffries said: “We installed a new door to the toilets in the Lake Pleasure Grounds and within 24 hours it needed repairs to the lock. Vandalism is not a victimless crime. It carries a cost to everyone, be it in damaged facilities or higher council tax. We need to work as a community to tackle this issue.”

Knook Castle And Gobbledygook

Wednesday 23rd January 2019:

Knook Castle and Gobbledygook - podcast by Glyn Coy, author of Hidden Wiltshire (book) and blog https://www.hiddenwiltshire.com/:


The Friends Of Warminster Park Have Disbanded

Wednesday 23rd January 2019:

The Friends Of Warminster Park Have Disbanded

The Friends of Warminster Park have agreed to disband after 12 years of formation, following the soon-to-be completed conclusion of its largest project that it originally started, which was to provide a new skatepark for the Lake Pleasure Grounds (the town park) in Warminster. The group felt that they had carried out a substantial amount of work to upgrade facilities in the Lake Pleasure Grounds prior to the transfer of ownership to Warminster Town Council in 2016.

The objective of this locally formed community group, set up in 2007, was to work in partnership with the then West Wiltshire District Council, owners of the Lake Pleasure Grounds (the town park) and Warminster Town Council to raise funding for any project which needed support whilst observing the traditional layout, features and equipment in the park. The group carried out consultations to garner the views of all users of the facilities whilst finding out what the priorities were, in the public’s view.

Back in 2007 four key priorities were highlighted by the public: return boats to the lake, provide a suitable café, and update the skatepark and tennis courts. The town park had suffered from a serious lack of investment and financial support was provided by the Friends Of Warminster Park and Warminster Town Council to assist with the provision of a café with the conversion of the old tennis pavilion and a youth shelter for the skatepark. The Friends of Warminster Park, at this time, was able to apply for grant funding where Warminster Town Council could not.

Through the local youth network, young people were encouraged to get involved in matters important to them in their own communities. The Skatepark Group was set up from the Warminster Youth Centre and they approached the authorities with a request to provide a new skatepark for the town to replace the existing outdated and irreparable facility. Young people were encouraged to research what kind of facility could be provided and establish the likely costs. This they did, by visiting skateparks in other towns, and inviting providers to their group meetings to work out a suitable site plan for the Lake Pleasure Grounds. The cost of a new facility was established initially at £200K. The Friends Of Warminster Park prepared and submitted a planning application to Wiltshire Council in February 2018 and permission was granted for the new skatepark.

What has now transpired is that submitting funding applications from a community group will not be enough and Warminster Town Council have agreed to take up this work to fulfil all necessary criteria, such as due diligence. A sum of
£31.3K has been handed to Warminster Town Council as a donation to the skatepark costs.

The outgoing Chairman of the Friends of Warminster Park, Bill Parks, said that “he was delighted to hear that Warminster Town Council have agreed the finance and supported the original plans to provide a skatepark which is
planned to be completed later this year.” He continued “This small community group had contributed and supported the main priorities originally identified by the public and were pleased to see a thriving café, boats back on the lake
and the tennis courts available for use, and I thank all of the volunteers who have been involved in this wonderful park.”