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Some Mobile Library Stops For 3rd January 2020 Are Cancelled

Thursday 2nd January 2020:

Wiltshire Library Service have apologised in advance for the South Mobile Library being cancelled on Friday 3rd January 2020, due to staffing issues. The stops affected are: Sutton Veny; Heytesbury; Chitterne; Tilshead; Codford; Upton Lovell; Wylye and Hanging Langford. Wiltshire Libraries say they are very sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

A New Poem From Leo Aylen Of Bishopstrow

Wednesday 1st January 2020:

Danny Howell writes Leo Aylen, of Bishopstrow, has sent me his latest poem:

This royal throne of kings, this sceptred isle,
This precious stone set in the silver sea —
This gross tyrant’s plaything. His serpent-vile           
Tongue dupes his feeble subjects to agree 
With banishing truth for ever from this state
Where he now reigns as Emperor of Lying,
While cringing cronies wheedle “A just Fate
Keeps the poor poor. Best leave them to their dying.” 
No! It’s England that’s died. Irishman! Scot!
Help! You’ll shatter the tyrant’s chains for sure.
Even the Welsh may bin his fascist rot.                     
Help us, brave Celts, as you have done before.
March south. Set us self-shackled English free 
From this truth-obfuscating tyranny.

A View From Battlesbury Hill, Warminster, Across The Wylye Valley To Great Ridge Wood On Christmas Day 2019

Wednesday 25th December 2019: 

A view from Battlesbury Hill, across the Wylye Valley, to Great Ridge Wood - in hazy sunshine on the afternoon of Christmas Day 2019. Photograph by Danny Howell.

A Watery Scene At Corton On Christmas Day 2019

Wednesday 25th December 2019: 

Sundial Farm, Corton. Partially-flooded field adjacent the winterbourne and Gipsy Lane, Corton, in the Wylye Valley. Photograph taken by Danny Howell on the afternoon of Christmas Day 2019.

Groundwater Flooding Can Be An Issue In Warminster

Monday 23rd December 2019:

Warminster Town Council have issued the following notice about groundwater flooding ~

Groundwater flooding can be an issue in Warminster. Groundwater levels in parts of Wiltshire are currently higher than average for this time of year, and although there is not expected to be an immediate risk of groundwater flooding, it is important that people are prepared.

Groundwater flooding can cause significant damage to property. It is difficult to predict when and where groundwater flooding will occur, but Warminster Town Council works with the Environment Agency and Wiltshire Council and its volunteer flood wardens to ensure Warminster is as resilient as possible when dealing with potential flooding.

It is important that people are prepared, so they know what to do in the event of a flood, and that they are signed up for Environment Agency flood alerts. Anyone in groundwater flood risk areas should be wary of an increased risk of flooding in Warminster this winter.

Warminster Town Council has a supply gel-sacks (an alternative to sandbags, that swell up after contact with water) that it can issue to residents in an emergency. Warminster’s flood plan is available on the Town Council website, as are contact details for Warminster’s and volunteer flood wardens.

See also 


Bus Left Early From Stonehenge School

Wednesday 11th December 2019 ~

Liam Barnett writes:

At around 2.53 p.m. the coach that collects students from Stonehenge School and drops them off in Shrewton left way too early, which caused a couple of students to miss the bus, since they were just leaving lesson. I told the bus driver to wait on these pupils and he just completely ignored me, even though he should of, since it wasn’t even time to leave. (If it is any help he was the bus driver that is on your main page). I think it is completely wrong for him to do this and it should be dealt with accordingly.

Wren House Vintage Christmas Craft Fayre, Warminster

Wednesday 20th November 2019:

Vintage Vintage Christmas Craft Fayre
Wren House,
32 Vicarage Street, Warminster, BA12 9JF
Saturday 23rd November 2019
11.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.

Warminster Christmas Market & Christmas Lights Switch-On 2019

Saturday 16th November 2019:

Warminster Christmas Market
Christmas Lights Switch-On

Saturday 30th November 2019

Warminster Town Council To Improve Provision For The Hard Of Hearing At Warminster Civic Centre

Saturday 16th November 2019:

Warminster Town Council To Improve Provision For Ther Hard Of Hearing At Warminster Civic Centre

Members of Warminster Town Council’s Finance and Assets Committee have agreed to a range of measures to improve facilities for the hard of hearing and other users of the Civic
Centre at Sambourne Road, Warminster.

There are four elements that are being tackled to make the council more user-friendly for the hard of hearing:

• A counter loop system for the reception counter at the Civic Centre – this is to enable any hard of hearing people to be able to communicate better with staff on reception.

• A portable microphone and speaker system for use in any of the rooms. This can be used for any council or public meeting. It will also be used by users of the Civic Centre.
This will be a huge boost for those hiring rooms for meetings, because it will allow all people to hear much more clearly.

• A static hard of hearing loop – for use by users of the Arn and Copheap rooms.

• Table microphones – for small ‘working group’ type meetings where no loudspeaker is required.

A demonstration of the equipment was organised by the company Gordon Morris Ltd. for councillors and members of staff, who were highly impressed by the systems.

The advantages of introducing the proposed systems are:

• It meets statutory requirements.

• It is flexible and can be added to in the future if needs be.

• Multiple user groups will benefit.

• It is easy to use and maintain.

• It is a co-ordinated system with great flexibility.

Assistant Town Clerk Tom Dommett said: “The current provision is dated and inadequate. This decision by councillors will be widely welcomed. Estimates suggest that one in six of the UK population have a hearing loss and by 2035, about 15.6 million people in the UK will have hearing loss – that's one in five of the population. In addition, a much-improved microphone and speaker system will make the Civic Centre more attractive to people looking for a room
to hire for a large number of people.”

Liam VT Guitar Tuition

Friday 15th November 2019:

Liam VT Guitar Tuition - check it out all you would-be axe musos in and around Warminster - all ages, all abilities. facebook.com/LiamVTguitar/

Warminster Town Councillors Support New Housing At Folly Farm After Listening To Local Residents' Views

Friday 15th November 2019:

Warminster Town Councillors have voted to support new housing at Folly Farm. [Planning Application19/09428/FUL] The decision came after councillors held a public meeting to hear the views of residents who live at the roads affected by the plans for 46 dwellings. 

Councillor Steve Jeffries, Chairman of Warminster Town Council's Planning Advisory Committee, said: “The Planning Advisory Committee doesn’t make the decision on whether a development goes ahead, but we can offer our comments and suggestions. There are no planning grounds for turning down new housing at Folly Farm, but the Committee have come up with a number of proposals that they would like to see implemented."

These proposals are:

Work on the existing/neighbouring site should be completed before work commences on the Folly Farm site.

A comprehensive Traffic Management Plan should be produced and agreed before any work starts.

The developer should adhere to the considerate constructor scheme.

The Town Council opposes the loss of over 100m of hedgerow and asks if Wiltshire Council’s ecologist and tree officers can review the EIA and Arboricultural Report to reduce the amount of hedgerow loss. A tree preservation order should be imposed on the hedgerow and the mature trees in them. Experience from the Damask Way development shows that tree protection policy needs to be proactive if it is to protect biodiversity and ensure developments are sensitive to the habitat and environment of Warminster.

Measures should be put in place to reduce phosphate pollution. The phosphate pollution in the River Avon SAC and Wylye SSSI from the sewage works is already unsatisfactory.

A Sustainable Energy Strategy should be provided – as set out under Wiltshire Council Core Policy 41, outlining the low carbon strategy for the proposal. The application rules out options rather than provide a strategy.

Additional car parking spaces should be provided. There is not enough provision on the existing site.

Cycle routes should be provided, linked to the existing development and to the town.

Residents should have representation on the estate management company.

Councillor Jeffries added: “We hope that these comments are taken on board and improve things for residents and the environment.”

Warminster Town Council Are To Hold A Meeting To Hear The Public's Views About A Planning Application For Housing At Folly Farm

Tuesday 29th October 2019:

A meeting to discuss new housing at Folly Farm Site (Planning Application 19/09428/FUL)

Warminster Town Council are being consulted on the planning application for the use of the Folly Farm site for new housing. Access to the new housing would be from the existing Redrow development site.

Warminster Town Councillors have already met with Redrow’s agents to discuss the plans, and Town Councillors have found nothing in the planning application that would prevent this extension of the existing site from going ahead.

However,  Town Councillors would like to hear views from members of the public about how they think the first Redrow site performed and whether there are any issues that should be considered for phase 2.

Town Councillors will be holding a special meeting on Monday 11th November 2019, at 6.00 p.m., at the Civic Centre in Warminster.

Town Councillors would welcome residents’ feedback at this meeting, especially those from St Andrews Road, Broxburn Road and Thornhill Road.

The special meeting will be followed by a meeting of the Town Council's Planning Advisory Committee at 7.00 p.m. (in the same venue).  Town Councillors will then be able to pass on their comments about the application to Wiltshire Council.

Full details of the planning application can be found on the Wiltshire Council Website http://www.wiltshire.gov.uk/ by searching for planning application number: 19/09428/FUL.

Town Councillor contact details can be found on the Warminster Town Council Website.

20th Langford Beer, Cider And Gin Festival

Sunday 1st September 2019:

The 20th Langford Beer, Cider and Gin Festival will take place on the weekend of 13th/14th September 2019! This year we will have our regular Beer, Cider, Gin and Wine Bars. Family session on the Saturday afternoon. Plenty of undercover space. Check out our website for details - https://langfordbeerfestival.wordpress.com

All profits from the Beer Festival go towards a fund to develop the Langford Sports & Community Centre, a facility enjoyed by the residents of the Langfords as well as by a variety of sports teams. In the last few months, major steps have been taken to move these plans further forward. Funded by the Langford Beer Festival the ‘Langford Vision’ was produced for consultation with local residents.

Warminster Town Councillors Want Planning Conditions Kept At Grovelands

Thursday 22nd August 2019:

Warminster Town Councillors Want Planning Conditions Kept At Grovelands.

At a meeting of the Planning Advisory Committee of Warminster Town Council, held on 19th August 2019, Warminster Town Councillors voted to ask Wiltshire Council to oppose changes to planning conditions at a site in the Grovelands area of Warminster.

Planning permission was previously granted in June 2018 for the building of a Care Home and 45 bungalows as part of a “Continuing Care Retirement Community”.

Planning permission was granted with a number of conditions. The developer is now trying to get at least 26 of those conditions changed.

Warminster Town Councillors made the following points:

The site is outside the settlement framework boundary for Warminster and not part of the neighbourhood plan, therefore development should only be allowed in exceptional circumstances.

The provision of specialist accommodation for older people may be an exceptional circumstance.

It was only the provision of a “Continuing Care Retirement Community” that allowed planning permission to be granted.

The bungalows were granted planning permission on condition they were to be reserved solely for elderly residents over 65 in perpetuity.

The bungalows were to incorporate detailed design elements geared to the needs of the elderly.

Part of the new application is to reduce the age that residents are allowed to start living in the bungalows from 65 to 55 years.

Councillors believe that 55 is too young an age for a continuing care community.

When planning permission had been granted it had been agreed that the Care Home and Bungalows had to be built at the same time to provide a Continuing Care Retirement Community. Now the developer also wants to change the planning conditions that mean the bungalows and care home must be built at the same time. Councillors are concerned that this could result in the Care Home not being built.

Councillors supported the comments made by residents in objecting.

Speaking after the meeting, Councillor Denis Brett said: “We are only an advisory committee, but we hope that Wiltshire Council will pay attention to our views when they make a decision on this application. Town Councillors are very frustrated that the planning process seems to be stacked in favour of the developer to the detriment of local communities.”