Problem With Cars Parking Between The Avenue Surgery And The Iceland Car Park

Thursday 13th June 2013:

At the Annual General Meeting of Warminster
Civic Trust held on Friday 24th May 2013,
some members raised the matter of how some
motorists parking on the north side of the
road in the Central Car Park, during week days,
are causing congestion and creating problems 
for cars getting in and out of the Avenue Surgery Car Park.
These photographs, taken by Danny Howell
on the morning of Thursday 13th June 2013,
show a typical scene of how cars park
from near the Avenue Surgery 
to the entrance of the Iceland Car Park.
Here, a taxi can be seen temporarily parked
across the entrance to the Avenue Surgery car park.
No doubt the taxi driver was dropping off or collecting
a sick person with an appointment at the surgery.
It seems that some motorists prefer to park
on the road rather than pay the car parking charges.
Warminster Civic Trust have noted the comments
about how cars parked either side of the junctions
at the entrances to the Avenue Surgery Car Park
and the Long Stay section of the Central Car Park
are causing visibility problems for other drivers 
when they try to exit those particular car parks.
Click on the photos to see larger images.