Casper At Warminster Railway Station

Saturday 16th May 2015:

Casper, a cat who lives near Warminster
Railway Station at Station Road.

Caspar has become a familiar sight
at Warminster Railway Station,
where he spends a lot of time,
perhaps because he enjoys the attention
he receives from
those waiting for or alighting from trains.

Photographs taken by Danny Howell
on Saturday 16th May 2015.

Footnote 1:
Casper was hit by a car on the morning of 11th November 2013 but he made a quick recovery thanks to many Warminster well-wishers (mainly via the Spotted In Warminster Town Facebook page). Casper's owner Jane Ham later commented: "Thank you soooo much people of Warminster, Casper is now asleep on a fleece blanket on the sofa after eating some of the chicken people have dropped in this afternoon. He is a bit sore and stiff but was very lucky only a small cut on his ear, the vet at Garston was outstanding and very understanding as I was a wreck. Thank you again for all your kind messages. xx."

Footnote 2:
Casper has been keeping his eyes on the comings and goings at Warminster Railway Station since at least 2010. This is noted on the Purr 'n' Fur website, in the section on Rail Station Cats 4. They noted: "In 2010 and certainly as recently as 2012, Warminster station in Wiltshire had a cat called Casper, who although she [sic] didn't live there but in a nearby home, seemed to spend a lot of time there and enjoyed 'meeting and greeting' travellers. We don't know if she [sic] still takes on this role."

Photos and a few more details about Casper feature on the Cat Party website: