Casper, The Cat At Warminster Railway Station, Has Used Up All Of His Nine Lives

Tuesday 15th March 2016:

Casper, the popular and much-loved cat at
Warminster Railway Station has used up all
of his nine lives. His owner, Jane Ham, who 
is the proprietor of Casper's Cafe at the Station,
said: "Casper died on Sunday (13th March 2016).
He was 22 and he died peacefully. He will
be missed by many. Everyone loved Casper.
It is very sad for all of us."

 Casper, photographed on Saturday 16th May
2015 by Danny Howell, outside Casper's Cafe,
at Warminster Railway Station. To see
more photos of Casper by Danny Howell, click on: 

You can read more about Casper, including how
he quickly recovered after being hit by a taxi on
11th November 2013, by clicking on the link above
to Danny Howell's website

Following the accident with the taxi, Casper
and his owner Jane received many good wishes 
(mainly via the Spotted In Warminster Town 
facebook page). 

Casper is also mentioned on the
Purr 'n' Fur website, in the section on Rail Station 
Cats 4. There are also photos and a few more details 
about Casper featured on the Cat Party website: