5th Annual Corsley v. Chapmanslade Cricket Match

5th Annual
Corsley v. Chapmanlade Cricket Match
for the
Bridge Trophy
Corsley Memorial Playing Field,
Corsley, BA12 7QG
Sunday 29th May 2016.
11.30 a.m. start with children's match.

Cheers, hollering and whooping encouraged.
Licensed Bar, match teas and copious 
beverages available for players and spectators.

Free admission.

For further details, contact
Neil: telephone 01373 832314
Adam: telephone 07504 192656. 

The Chapmanslade team will be 
captained by John Foster. 
Calling all cricketers old or young:
If you are interested in representing 
Chapmanslade either in the children's or 
adult's match, please contact Adam Oakley 
on 07504 192 656 or at adam@oakleyfrome.co.uk
Adam says no special skills necessary although 
the ability to hold a pint of beer 
(smoothie for the kids) is a definite advantage. 
No willing player refused!