A3 Class, 60103 Flying Scotsman, Through Warminster Again ~ Pictured As It Passed Beechgrove Sidings (Warminster Military Repair Workshops) On Its Approach To Battlesbury Bridge, Boreham ~ 47580 County Of Essex Diesel Locomotive At The Rear

Saturday 28th May 2016:

 The nation's favourite steam locomotive
A3 class, 60103 Flying Scotsman
travelling through Wiltshire
on Saturday 28 May 2016, 
en route from London Paddington to Salisbury.
(The much-loved loco had also made the same trip
through Warminster the previous Saturday).
In warm sunshine, with trackside Hawthorn in blossom,
the iconic loco was nine minutes ahead of schedule,
at 11.19 a.m., passing Beechgrove Sidings
(Warminster Military Repair Workshops)
hauling its 420 tonnes load on its fast approach to
  Battlesbury Bridge, Boreham, Warminster.

  The Warminster military repair workshops and 
beech-clad Copheap Hill in the background.
 Photographs taken by Danny Howell,
from Battlesbury Bridge, on
Saturday 28th May 2016.

The Flying Scotsman,
restored at a cost of £4.2 million.
 An exciting moment for rail buffs.


A view of the cab.

Plenty of coal in the tender.

The carriages.
 On-board dining.

The kitchen car.

Another view of the kitchen car.

At the rear:
diesel locomotive 47580 'County Of Essex'.

Preserved Brush Type 4 Class 47 diesel locomotive 
47580 'County of Essex'.