The Public Conveniences In Warminster Are Still Closed But Warminster Town Council Has Now Accepted A Quotation From The Landscape Group Which Should See The Toilets Reopen No Later Than 1st July 2016

Wednesday 11th May 2016:

The public conveniences in the Central Car Park, Warminster, and the Lake Pleasure Grounds (Town Park), Warminster, which were closed by Wiltshire Council on 1st April 2016, are still closed and remain in a filthy state, due to blockages and no cleaning, but Warminster Town Council, who are taking over the responsibility for the toilets, say they are now hopeful of a reopening date no later than 1st July 2016.

 The filthy state of the public conveniences
in the Central Car Park, Warminster.
Photograph by Danny Howell.  

The toilets in the Central Car Park will be leased by Warminster Town Council and the ones in the Lake Pleasure Grounds will be part of an asset transfer of the Lake Pleasure Grounds (Town Park) from the county authority to the town.

Warminster Town Council have issued the following press release this morning (Wednesday 11th May 2016):

"Following Wiltshire Council’s closure of the public conveniences in Warminster from 1st April 2016, and Warminster Town Council’s unanimous decision to take on these much-used assets, the Town Council has been working hard to draw up all the necessary paperwork and contracts for running the service. It was unfortunate that the Council was given insufficient time to undertake this work before the conveniences were closed, but quotations were obtained and put to the Annual Meeting of the Town Council on Monday 9th May 2016."

"Councillors voted unanimously to accept the quotation from The Landscape Group of an annual cost of £18,858* to clean and secure the public conveniences in the Central Car Park and the Town Park. There would be additional costs to the Town Council for rates and utilities. All town councillors agreed that they would wish to see the conveniences reopened as soon as possible as there had been much consternation from the public over their closure. The Town Council had been working towards an opening date of 1st July 2016, but were hopeful that the legal transfers may take place before this date and that the reopening could take place sooner." 

Veronica Mills, a member of the Warminster Town Council staff, has further confirmed with that the Town Council is still hopeful of maybe reopening the toilets before 1st July 2016 if legal documents can be completed sooner than expected. She says: "We intended to officially take on the public conveniences on 1st July, along with the transfer of the town park. However we have made more progress with this contract due to it being less complex and so we are optimistic that we may be able to complete this sooner, although it’s impossible to give an exact date as the legal transfers have yet to be completed." 

*Contrary to a report on a certain Warminster Facebook page, the quotation by the Landscape Group, for £18,858, is for the unlocking in the morning and locking in the evening of the toilets on a daily basis and for cleaning of the toilets in the Central Car Park and the Lake Pleasure Grounds ~ the figure is not for the wages of a designated park keeper. The same Facebook  page also reported that the toilets had already been reopened ~ this is incorrect.