New Volunteers Needed To Cut The Grass In St. John's Churchyard, Warminster

Saturday 11th June 2016:

 The grass in St. John's Churchyard, Boreham Road,
Warminster, is the longest it has been for many years.

 This is because the volunteers who willingly
maintained the churchyard in recent years
have now retired or are unable to continue.

 Recently, a churchwarden, with a little help,
did cut some of the grass at the western end
but the strimmers couldn't cope and work stopped.

 It is currently hoped that new strimmers
can be acquired and that a good number
of volunteers will now come forward
to restore the churchyard to its former glory.

 It must be remembered that the churchyard
is a big area and volunteering can
be arduous and is, of course, unpaid
but the efforts of volunteers are always appreciated.

There are some who see overgrown churchyards
as nature reserves ~ all very well for redundant 
churchyards ~ but overwhelming vegetation
in churchyards that are not closed
is a hindrance for families visiting graves
and also for burials that have to take place.

If the church had to pay a contractor to
cut the grass, the cost could be as much
as £1,400. And it seems St. John's Church
has not the money to pay vast sums like this.

Hopefully, new volunteers will
make themselves available soon.

  Would-be volunteers should telephone
01985 213000 or email

Photographs taken by Danny Howell
on Saturday 11th June 2016.

 Hopefully, St. John's Churchyard
will soon look more like this again.