Pip Ridout Among The Councillors Who Have Approved The West Warminster Urban Extension Masterplan For Up To 1,600 Homes ~ Warminster Resident Jeremy Stadward Says The Decision Is A Tragedy ~ A Betrayal By The Council ~ And He Feels That Warminster Is Being Sacrificed For Profits By Developers Such As Persimmon

Thursday 16th June 2016:

Wiltshire Councillors have approved the West Warminster Urban Extension Masterplan, giving the go-ahead for up to 1,600 new homes. The controversial development was approved by a vote of nine to two by councillors at a strategic planning meeting held at County Hall yesterday, Wednesday 15th June 2016, after it was heard that two separate planning applications have already been submitted for the proposed scheme. Among the councillors who backed the enlarged development (despite the hope of many people in Warminster that it would be limited to 900 homes) was Pip Ridout from Warminster. She said: "A lot of effort and work has been put in to show that the plot of land can accommodate more than 900 houses. If it isn’t accepted today, it could be an unmitigated disaster in terms of delivering the five-year housing supply." Following Councillor Ridout’s speech, Warminster resident Jeremy Stadward, who was in the public gallery, shouted out "what a tragedy." Mr Stadward, of Haygrove Close, Warminster, said: "I feel betrayed by our council and I feel that we are being sacrificed for the profits of the developers, such as Persimmon."

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