Warminster Town Council Press Release With Regard Their Support For The Felling Of An Ash Tree Adjacent Warminster Civic Centre

Thursday 16th June 2016:

Warminster Town Council have issued the following press release ~

Tree works debate

The Town Council agreed at its recent Finance and Assets meeting to support local residents on their request to remove an ash tree situated on land adjacent to Warminster Civic Centre, subject to planning approval. Residents in Coppice Close had approached the Council, concerned that during the winter months two very large limbs of the tree had broken away and they felt that the 60ft tree would eventually fall and damage their properties.

Other available options to crown or pollard the tree were turned down by the majority of councillors and approval was given for the removal of the tree, subject to the relevant planning permission. It was considered that the tree was damaged, and the stems starting to split down the centre were a concern to the council and they wished to avoid any further distress to the residents.

Councillor George Jolley said that “he had been approached by local residents living close by and he supported the removal but added, it is always a difficult decision to remove any trees but replanting would take place and all of the old wood made available to those who may have a use for it.”

The Town Council will now await the planning decision from Wiltshire Council before making any further arrangements.