Warminster Town Council Saddened By News Of The Death Of Former Mayor May Law

Monday 20th June 2016:

 May Barker (May Law) pictured making a speech
at 27 District Workshop REME, Warminster,
during her year as Mayor Of Warminster (1993-94). 

Warminster Town Council have expressed their sadness at hearing the news of the death of May Law. In a press release, they say

It was with shock and sadness that the Town Council learned of the sudden death of May Law while on holiday. May was a member of the Town Council from 1991–1995 and served as Mayor of Warminster from 1993–1994.* She always took an interest in what was happening in the town and continued to attend Town Council meetings when there were topics relating to her work in the community. She consulted with and helped a great number of people with issues relating to housing and mobility.

May was a colourful character, despite her photograph on the mayors’ “wall of fame” (at Warminster Civic Centre) being in black and white, a fact she always loved to comment on. Her favourite anecdote related to the fact that she once misplaced the mayoral chain, causing a great deal of consternation. Fortunately it turned up safely some days later.

Councillor Paul Macdonald said: "We are deeply saddened by this sudden loss and our first thoughts go to her family. May will be sadly missed by all who knew her and came to rely on her for help and advice on a wide range of issues. The wealth of knowledge and experience that she acquired since being Mayor in the 1990s, particularly in the field of housing issues, is quite frankly irreplaceable. After her four-year term as a councillor May quietly and mostly behind the scenes continued to work on behalf of the town giving many hours of her time. Over the 25 years that I have known her this was always with the best interests of Warminster in her heart.”

Councillor Pip Ridout said “I was so sad to hear the news about May – she lived two doors away from me for many years during her time as Councillor and Mayor. Her health was always a concern as she had been diagnosed with MS at a very young age but she kept going and had been involved in many organisations like Shopmobility, Warminster and Villages Community Partnership Economy and Tourism group, and Selwood Tenants Association. I shall certainly miss her stopping to quiz me about various matters of local concern whenever we met in town. I extend my condolences to her children.”

*During the time she served on the Town Council and as Mayor of Warminster, May was known as May Barker.