Breakout Party In The Park, Warminster

Wednesday 27th July 2016:

Breakout Party In The Park.
Some photographs taken by Danny Howell
in the Lake Pleasure Grounds (Town Park),
Weymouth Street, Warminster,
on Wednesday 27th July 2016.

 Badge Making.

 Three of the many youngsters
who made arts and crafts items,
and also bracelets using card,
glitter, glue, laces and beads.

Transfers, glitter tattoos and body painting.

Arm and face painting
and lollipops as well.

Fun in the sun for the not-so-young.
You're never too old for the bouncy castle.

 Playing the Breakout version of
American Football.

 Breakout footballers (American Rules).

Free youth clubs, gardening services,
car washing, painting, arts, sports, crafts.