Inspire 2016 ~ Music Event In The Lake Pleasure Grounds (Town Park), Warminster ~ Gallery 6

Saturday 16th July 2016: 

More photographs taken by Danny Howell 
on Saturday 16th July 2016 
at the Inspire 2016 music event held in 
the Lake Pleasure Grounds (Town Park), 
Weymouth Street, Warminster:

 At 1.00 p.m., compere Oliver Head welcomed
everyone to Inspire 2016 and introduced the 
first act: the acoustic duo Ben and Tim.

Oliver Head's introductory note:
"Ben and Tim, an acoustic duo who provide
something for all musical tastes.
They are well established on the local music
scene with many years of experience.
Don't forget to pay them a visit in the
Lakeside Centre after their set for further
demonstrations and hands-on opportunities."

    The audience at the start of show.

 Stage manager: Mike Heaton.

Ben Whelan and Tim Goode.