Inspire 2016 ~ Music Event In The Lake Pleasure Grounds (Town Park), Warminster ~ Gallery 4

Saturday 16th July 2016: 

More photographs taken by Danny Howell 
on Saturday 16th July 2016 
at the Inspire 2016 music event held in 
the Lake Pleasure Grounds (Town Park), 
Weymouth Street, Warminster:

 These lads were promoting the
‘Campaign 4 WarminsterSk8park’
The campaign has been set up by Ben Mitchell
(a 14-year-old student at Kingdown Community School)
and his friends who all have a passion for 
 skateboarding. They are putting  ideas into momentum
and raising support for improvements and new 
facilities at the Warminster Skate Park
which is situated adjacent
the Lake Pleasure Grounds (Town Park).

Over £10,000 has been raised so fa
towards the £100,000 target.
£5,000 has come from the local youth network 
and another £5,000 from the Warminster Area Board.
A questionnaire is seeking the views
of the public. Several people filled in
questonnaires at the Inspire music event.

For more details about the
Warminster Skate Park campaign,
The campaign has its own Facebook page: