Inspire 2016 ~ Music Event In The Lake Pleasure Grounds (Town Park), Warminster ~ Gallery 5

Saturday 16th July 2016: 

More photographs taken by Danny Howell 
on Saturday 16th July 2016 
at the Inspire 2016 music event held in 
the Lake Pleasure Grounds (Town Park), 
Weymouth Street, Warminster:

 Music workshops were held in the
Warminster Park Community Centre,
and although these were free for anyone
wanting to learn how to play an instrument,
most people preferred, not surprisingly,
to stay outside in the warm sunshine,
listening to the bands and artists
while enjoying a drink and a picnic.

Warminster Park Community Centre.

 Chloe Marie Garratt, who gave a solo performance
in the Inspire programme during the afternoon
was also happy to give a keyboard workshop.

Chloe Marie Garratt
offers private piano tuition.
Telephone 01985 846351,
mobile 07415 373100.