Inspire 2016 ~ Music Event In The Lake Pleasure Grounds (Town Park), Warminster ~ Gallery 1

Saturday 16th July 2016:

Photographs taken by Danny Howell
on Saturday 16th July 2016
at the Inspire 2016 music event held in
the Lake Pleasure Grounds (Town Park),
Weymouth Street, Warminster:

 Ten minutes before the 1.00 p.m. start
and apart from the organisers, marshalls,
sound engineers, and security guards,
there was hardly a soul around.

 Advertising sign for the event,
at the main entrance to the
Lake Pleasure Grounds (Town Park).

 This man handed out flyers at the
Weymouth Street entrance to the 
Town Park and encouraged passers-by
to come in and listen to the music.
 Some of the first people arriving.

Entry to the event was free for everyone.

 The Field Cuisine, owned by Adrian Shephard,
provided hot and cold drinks, and food
including chips, burgers, and bacon and egg rolls,
for those who wanted to buy food
rather than bring along their own picnics.
 Adrian takes great pride in offering a reliable
high-quality service with reasonable prices.

 Adrian has twelve years experience in catering
and the Field Cuisine has a 5-star
food quality rating from the FSA.

 Adrian provides a wide-ranging menu
based around popular fast foods.

 Adrian provides mobile catering
to suit all needs and distance is no object.

 To contact the Field Cuisine, telephone 
01985 217412 or 07970 369502.
Or email:

 The first spectators choose their picnic places
on the Ridgeway Slope.

Ready for the start, and blessed with
glorious sunshine and warm weather
(a stark contrast to the gale and rain which 
forced the cancellation of the event last year).