Nicola Harris Retires (Made Redundant) After Over 34 Years At Warminster Library

Friday 29th July 2016:

 After over 34 years dedicated service, 
Nicola Harris spent her last day working at 
Warminster  Library
on Friday 29th July 2016.

Nicola has been made redundant.
Peter Waterman who succeeds Nicola,
in a new role as Library Manager
not just at Warminster but also at
Mere and Tisbury Libraries,
can be seen in this photograph
between the display and the brick pillar.

Nicola will be sorely missed not only
by her work colleagues but also by
Library readers.

A cake with the message: "Thank You & Good Bye".

On Friday there was not just one leaving
cake but two, as well as other refreshments.

 One of Nicola's colleagues, Liz,
made this cake featuring a beach hut.
It seems Nicola who hails originally from
Christchurch, Dorset, will be spending
some of her retirement time relaxing
with her husband Ken at a beach hut.


There was a small display of photos
showing Nicola through the years
at Warminster Library.

Nicola pictured in 1981 at Warminster Library
when it was located inside Portway House.
(Her first year working for the Library Service).
A new Library was built at 
Three Horseshoes Walk in 1982.

Work colleague Ann Knight (centre)
and two members of the public
looking at the photographs.

Warminster Library staff during the 1990s.
Nicola on the far right.

Over three decades surrounded by books.

Memories through the years.

Goodbyes, best wishes and flowers on Friday.

Photographs taken by Danny Howell.