Chris Lynch On The Road With His Newspaper Stories And Comments In Warminster

Wednesday 24th August 2016:

 Chris Lynch in the Market Place, Warminster,
with his sack trucks, displaying newspaper
stories and his handwritten comments.

"From the Papers.
The Times. Top front page.
Small print quote.
One man's revenge against
the German navy.
2008. The Times. TFP SP.
Top Person Singled Out."
 "Trump beats Hitler in psychopath test"
Metro ~ Tuesday 23rd August 2016.

 Carter's Star lemonade.

 "Beware of the dog.
Keep out.
Private property.
Chris Lynch."

  "It's good so it is.
First Class Mum."

"2007. Daily Telegraph.
Inside page headline.
Tearing peoples lives apart.
Top r corner. Piture [sic]
of T. Blair. Words to that song.
There's no blood on
my prayer book Tony -s.
'Seasons in the sun.'
You where [sic] always the black sheep
of the family who
taught us right from wrong."

"M.O. Connor - age 63 - 31 Preston Old Road.
B.A. 1969 age 26, on passenger side.
A victim of 'state political terror,
repression and persecution since 1999,
locally and nationally. Also terrorised by
NHS ambulances since Dec 2005 nationwide."