The Sorry State Of The Bench (In Memory Of Harold Butler) On Arn Hill, Warminster

Wednesday 10th August 2016:

 The sorry state of the bench on Arn Hill,
Warminster, on the slope between the 
transmitter mast and Colloway Clump, 
looking over Westbury Road.

 The weather has finally taken its
toll on the bench.

 I noticed about four months ago
how the joints had worked loose,
making the seat a bit rickety.

 I thought then it wouldn't be long
before it falls apart.

 Unfortunately, on a couple of
Warminster Facebook pages today
(Wednesday 10th August 2016)
some people are saying the condition
of the bench is because of vandalism.
But it isn't vandalism.

The weather and age have simply got the better
of the bench.  Let's face it, any dedicated vandal
wouldn't have left it resembling a bench;
they would have gone the whole hog
and reduced it to many more pieces.

 Loose and rotten joints.

 Falling apart.

 The flaking paintwork on the bench
shows it was in need of attention.

A plaque on the bench.

 The bench on Arn Hill is:
"In affectionate memory of
Harold Butler
1928 - 1998
Rest and enjoy the view he loved."

 Photographs taken by Danny Howell
on Wednesday 10th August 2016.

 The view Harold Butler loved.