Warminster Resident David Lovell Shortlisted For His Outstanding Contribution To Heritage In The 2016 Historic England Angel Awards

Monday 22nd August 2016:

David Lovell (pictured above), who lives in Warminster, has been shortlisted for his outstanding contribution to heritage in the 2016 Historic England Angel Awards, for his voluntary work on the Britain From Above and Enriching The List projects. 

"The aim
Britain From Above: I identified over 300 images from 600 un-located photographs and made 65,500 contributions. Enrich the List: allows the public to share their knowledge and pictures of listed places. 

Britain from Above began in June 2012 and 96,000 images have been digitised – project is ongoing. Enrich the List was launched in June 2016 and I have contributed over 1,500 images to this recent project, and have a library of 20,000 catalogued images which I hope to add as time allows. 

Actions taken
I am passionate about both projects. I have the time, energy and ability to make a significant contribution and I will travel many miles to get the right picture. Three of my photos of Castlerigg, Airman’s Cross and Cloud’s Hill may be seen on the start-up screen of Historic England’s website. I have amassed a photographic collection of over 20,000 items, largely built up since June 2012.

The collection is catalogued. I have successfully identified over 300 previously unidentified Britain From Above photos. I have also added photos to the War Memorials Online site and have applied for five memorials to be listed. 

Working with online websites has improved my IT skills, so I am much more proficient at editing photo images to the required standards. My research skills have also improved. I regularly look for supporting material to confirm my identifications, such as old maps and old photos. 

All my contributions have been funded by myself and I always receive unfailing courtesy, respect and attention in my dealings with HE staff which is much appreciated."


Danny Howell says: "Well done, David. Great to know you are getting real acknowledgement for the many hours you devote to these projects, funding from your own pocket your tireless efforts. It confirms what I have always thought of you, that you are one of Warminster's finest! By identifying previously unknown photographic locations you are, we could say, also putting Warminster on the map! Keep up the excellent work!"