Warminster Rotary Club Have Arranged Free Blood Pressure Checks ~ At Warminster Library

Free Blood Pressure Checks
Warminster Library,
Three Horseshoes Walk, Warminster, BA12 9BT
Friday 2nd September 2016,
9.30 a.m. to 2.30 p.m.
No appointment necessary.

The Rotary Club and the Stroke Association 
have teamed up to help us in Warminster 
take a moment and get our blood pressure 
tested. It only takes a short time to get yourself 
tested and put your mind at ease.

We want to raise awareness of the link between
high blood pressure and stroke.
Over half of all strokes can be caused by 
high blood pressure.
As well as having a blood pressure check, 
local residents in Warminster will also receive 
advice on steps to keep it under
control and reduce their stroke risk.
Having a stroke can be devastating but people 
can reduce their risk significantly by 
paying attention to their blood pressure.