Warminster Town Councillor Pip Ridout (Conservative) Criticises The Labour Party For Calling The Warminster Copheap Ward By-Election

Wednesday 28th September 2016:

Warminster Town Councillor Pip Ridout (Conservative) has criticised the Labour Party for calling the Warminster Copheap Ward by-election. The election, held last Thursday, was won by 51 year old Steve Jeffries, the Conservative candidate, who lives at Beech Grove, Warminster. But Mrs Ridout says the election, just eight months ahead of another one, was a complete waste of time and money. She reckons last week's election will cost Warminster Town Council betweeen £3,000 and £5,000. The Chairman of the South West Labour Constituency, Mike Sutton, hit back, defending the decision. Mr Sutton said: “We did not make the law regarding elections, it was a Conservative Government that set the rules which state a by-election can be called at any time as long as there are 10 electors who want it. It’s called democracy at work and we are entitled to stand for vacancies. If Warminster Town Council had concerns about the costs they could have approached us to discuss a co-option." James Knight, the Labour Party candidate in the Copheap Ward by-election  came last with 23 votes. Michael Mellersh, Independent, came second with 53 votes. Steve Jeffries, the Conservative candidate, received 105 votes and was duly elected a Warminster Town Councillor.