A Knitted Poppy Left Near The Memorial Stones To Major Dennis Patrick Teichman And Major Philip Raymond Teichman At St. John's Churchyard, Warminster

Thursday 27th October 2016:

 A knitted poppy left near the memorial stones
to Major Dennis Patrick Teichman
and Major Philip Raymond Teichman,
at St. John's Churchyard, Warminster.

 To the dear memory of
Dennis Patrick Teichman,
youngest beloved son . . . 

. . .  who gave his life in France,
7th July 1944, aged 29 years.
Greater love hath no man
Than this, that he lay down
His life for his friend.
 To the dear memory of
Philip Raymond Teichman,
beloved second son.
who gave his life
for love of his country,
3rd December 1942,
in North Africa,
aged 30 years.
For they shall see God.
 Photographs taken by Danny Howell
on Thursday 27th October 2016.