CCTV Open Day, Warminster

Tuesday 11th October 2016: 

CCTV Open Day

 David Deacon (left), a member of the 
Warminster CCTV Committee from its inception,  
and Warminster Town Councillor Paul Macdonald, 
Chair of the CCTV Committee.

An open day was held at Warminster Town Council's CCTV offices at Dewey House, North Row, Warminster, on Wednesday 28th September 2016 to which local businesses were invited to look at how the scheme operates. It was a reminder that the CCTV operation continues to be as effective and essential as it was at its inception in 1999, with considerable upgrades having taken place over the past years.

Warminster Town Council felt it would be a good idea to showcase to local businesses how far CCTV has developed and encourage them to join Shopwatch or Pubwatch,” said Councillor Paul Macdonald, who chairs the CCTV working group.

"CCTV was first considered almost 20 years ago,” said local businessman David Deacon, who was involved right from the start of the CCTV programme and continues to be an active member of the working group, offering his extensive business skills and knowledge. “I remember we had a meeting at Dewey House with lots of business owners and representatives attending and they were all very supportive. We then met with specialist companies to find the best locations for cameras. Home Office grant funding was obtained which helped us fund the installation.”

"I think the facilities are first class and provide the peace of mind that day-to-day life in the town is that little bit more secure and any issues that might arise can be handled swiftly and effectively,” said Warminster estate agent Melvin Davis. “I have to say that since my previous visit there has been substantial investment to provide the state-of-the-art cameras and equipment now covering a huge swathe of the town. This should prove reassuring to local people as they go about their daily business.”

“I found it very interesting and a real eye-opener to what the town council are achieving here,” said Alan Drinkwater, who owns the Ink Shop in the Market Place, Warminster, and visited after work. “The CCTV operation is a real credit to the staff, volunteers and councillors who run it. I didn’t realise how much is covered as it is so unobtrusive.”

Mike Herriott, the CCTV Supervisor, was delighted by the response from visitors. “We appreciate that not everyone who wished to attend was able to do so,” he said. “However, should anyone from local businesses want to see how the system operates they can contact me and I will gladly arrange a suitable time for a visit. The staff and volunteers at CCTV are very proud to be part of the team that makes Warminster the safest town in Wiltshire.”