No Priority For Sufficient Affordable Or Social Housing In The Warminster Neighbourhood Plan ~ The Plan Doesn't Provide The Town With What Is Desperately Needed ~ Warminster Labour Party Urges Residents To Reject Neighbourhood Plan At Referendum

Monday 31st October 2016:

Warminster Labour Party is not happy with the Warminster Neighbourhood Plan in its current form and is urging the local community to vote against it at the referendum on Thursday 10th November 2016. One reason for rejecting the Plan is because it fails to give priority for sufficient affordable or social housing.

Tony Free says: “Warminster Town Council does not have the authority to provide social and affordable housing but Wiltshire Council does. Warminster town councillors have let us down badly by not insisting that Wiltshire Council include the facilities needed. How can we say yes to a plan that doesn't provide the town with what is desperately needed? I hope Warminster people will see through what the Council is attempting to do and vote no." 

Report in the Wiltshire Times. Click on: