Geoff Sims Collecting Financial Donations Towards The Cost Of Warminster Christmas Lights

Friday 26th November 2016:

 Geoff Sims, with a collection bucket,
soliciting donations towards the cost
of Warminster Christmas Lights.
Geoff is pictured outside Warminster Civic
Centre during the time the Christmas Market
was taking place inside the centre.

 Although most people realise there is
a cost of providing and maintaining
the bulbs, cables, switches and the
illuminated features, and that a contractor
has to be paid to put the lights up; a lot of people 
are surprised to hear that Warminster Town
Council has to pay for the electricity
that the lights use ~ it's not free!

 People can make financial donations,
large or small, towards the cost of the 
Christmas Lights, at any time of the year, by
calling in at Warminster Civic Centre,
Sambourne Road, Warminster, during 
the Town Council Office opening hours. 

Photographs taken by Danny Howell
on Saturday 26th November 2016.