Obituary And Funeral Report For Sybil Gibbs

Hard-Working Sybil 
Lived Her Life With Love And Laughter

                                               Sybil Gibbs

Sybil Gibbs was born on 2nd August 1928 at No.19 Crockerton but the family lived at Green Farm, Crockerton. She was the second eldest child and second daughter of Cecil and Dorothy Pinnell (nee Silcox). Sybil's siblings were Barbara, Bernard, Geoff, Colin and Ralph.

Sybil's childhood was spent helping around the farm, mostly with the family's milk round, including collecting milk churns with a van when she was old enough to drive. In later life she would often recall stories of driving the van in winter and not being able to brake due to the icy road conditions. To stop it she would drive it on to the roadside grass verges. Sybil even did a delivery of milk on the day she was married.

Sybil loved to dance and met Fred Gibbs, her husband-to-be, at a dance at Warminster Town Hall. They were wed in 1950. Fred's family had moved to Warminster from Salisbury soon after the Second World War, when Fred's father (also called Frederick Gibbs) became the manager of Robinson's butcher's shop at East Street. Sybil and Fred set up their first home at Fairfield Road, Warminster. To begin with Fred drove buses and Sybil worked for a local shop, delivering bread around the town.

In 1954 Fred and Sybil decided to start a business of their own, acquiring a lorry with money they had saved from their wages and a redundancy payment made to Fred. They parked the lorry at Tom Bazley's Boreham Farm (later demolished to make way for St. George's Playing Field). Sybil would take over with the lorry driving so that Fred could get some sleep before his early start the next day. Sybil's regular driving route was Micheldever, Hampshire, to Warminster.

Fred and Sybil moved to 40 Boreham Road, Warminster, in 1962, by which time the business had grown and was employing local people as well as family members. The business of F.& S. Gibbs, as it was styled, operated like a large family. Sybil would always do a breakfast on Saturday mornings for everyone involved.

Fred and Sybil were married nine years before starting a family of their own. They deliberately waited until their haulage business was securely established (at that time it had a fleet of 30 vehicles). Mark was born in 1959 and Kay came into the world in 1961. Sybil continued in the business, working around the children as they grew up. She dealt with the paperwork and the bills after the children had gone to bed.

The family then moved to 49 Boreham Road, Warminster - a house Sybil had previously used to look at often and had long expressed a wish to own one day. Although Fred would say they could never afford a house like that, Sybil's dream became reality when she convinced him it was the right thing to do because it was near their transport yard. Fred and Sybil also bought some land adjacent the yard to expand their business yet again.

Sybil continued to work right up until three weeks before her death. She even asked her son and daughter, on the day she died, how many of their vehicles were out on the road working that day. She enjoyed the work. She used to say it kept her brain active and it gave people the opportunity to call into the office for a chat and a cup of tea. But family was important to Sybil too. Mark had a daughter Megan, and Kay and her husband Keith provided Sybil with another four grandchildren: Samuel, Emilea, Jensen and Harriett. But Sybil also had an extended family because she had become a mother-figure to many people in the Warminster community.

She lived her life to the full. She said work and life was full of ups to be enjoyed and downs that had to be overcome. Socially, she enjoyed attending functions with her husband Fred, especially when he was active with the local Freemasons' Lodge. A recent highlight was when the family business achieved its 60th anniversary in 2014. A celebration party for the company was held, attended by family and friends as well as staff present and past. Sybil lived her life with warmth and joy, with much love and laughter. In return it gave her purpose and happiness that made her truly unique.


Service At St. John's Church, Warminster, Followed By Cremation At Semington

The funeral service for the late Mrs Sybil Daphne Pamela Gibbs, who passed away on 21st October 2016, aged 88, was held at St. John's Church, Warminster, on Saturday 12th November and was followed by the committal at the West Wilts Crematorium, Semington. Nine gleaming lorries from the fleet of F.&.S. Gibbs escorted the hearse on Sybil's final journey through Warminster town centre.

The service was conducted by the Rev. Adrian Pollard. Hymns sung were All Things Bright And Beautiful and The Lord's My Shepherd, I'll Not Want. Vikki Lomas read the poem The Broken Chain; and the Gospel Reading was from John 14 : 1-6.
Family mourners were:
Mark Gibbs (son), Keith Whatley and Kay Whatley-Gibbs (son-in-law and daughter), Barbara Tooze (sister), Mr and Mrs Bernard Pinnell (brother and sister-in-law), Sam Whatley-Gibbs and Ruth Barnard (grandson and his girlfriend), Emilea Whatley-Gibbs (granddaughter), Jensen Whatley-Gibbs (grandson), Harriett Whatley-Gibbs (granddaughter), Megan Gibbs (granddaughter), Dirk Pinnell (nephew) and Deana, Hannah Pinnell (great niece), Miranda Reynolds (niece) and Neil Reynolds rep. Julie (niece) and Wayne; Tom Reynolds (great nephew) rep Kacey (great niece); Daniel and Darren (Tige) Ladd (great nephews).
Graham Zebedee and Jane (cousins), Richard Gibbs (nephew), Lee Pinnell (nephew), Gene Pinnell (nephew) rep Tracey, Kai and Jess; Adrian and Karen Denton (niece), Richard and Gillian Green (niece), Chris and Amanda Nimo (niece), Mark and Deborah Jones (niece), Stephanie and Jeremy Tooze (nephew), Michael Pinnell (nephew), Neil Pinnell (nephew), Maurice Gibbs (brother-in-law), Terry and Anne Cooper (niece) rep Richard White and Gill (niece); Jo and Chris Tooze (nephew), Jayne Moss (god-daughter and niece), Liam Rolland (great nephew), Sue Gibbs (niece) and Angel (great-great niece), Terry Pinnell (nephew), Jenny Gibbs (sister-in-law) and Debbie; and Myra (cousin, Hayling Island).

Also present were:
Vikki Lomas rep. Kevin Lomas; Jenny Steel, Shelley Osment, Sam McEntee, Douglas and Karen Field, Geoff Payne, Bob and Hannah Gale, Danny Howell rep. Mrs Gwen Howell; Nigel Whatley and Brenda, Dorothy Clark, Ray and Anne Stride, Trish Martin rep. Steve Martin and Haydn Maddock; Steve Trimby, James Rowbotham, John Hughes, Mark Waters, Shaun Hurren, Paul and Paula Stokes, Nigel Curtis.

Jacqui French, Phil and Tracey Ladd rep. Robin Ladd; Kev Shiner, Graham Price, Tina Hembury rep. Philip Hembury; Linda and Peter Jones, Francis Watts, Andy and Alison Gray, Leslie and Rosemary Hallett, Steve Gregory, Terry and Margaret George, Chester and Wendy Jefferies, Ray Tryhorn. Peter Tryhorn, Will Hill rep. Angela and Ricky; Tim Davis, John and Anne Jones, Carol Beaven, Fiona Simpson, Shelley Hobbs, Mandy Thomas, Nick and Janet Brown, John Kitley rep. Maggie and the Kitley family; Jose Gee rep. Ken Gee.
Sue Spender, Peter and Stacey Grist, Peter Gould, Evelyn Pierce rep. Bucham-Henry; Stuart Brown rep. Lye Garden Farm; Stan and Viv Holly, David and Margaret Hunt, Colin and Caroline Ayton, Jane Curtis rep. Irene; Susie Grist, Gloria Power, Graham Stock, Heather Singer rep. Bill Singer; Trish Legg rep. Colin Legg, Philip Sandell rep. Sandell family, Kurt and Sandra Egergard; Nick and Judy McGuire rep. Kim and Nathan Hurren; Fred Locke (Locky), Colin Bowden, Sandra and Steve Martin rep. David Carpenter; Stewart and June Tait rep. the Bailey family; Brian and Barbara Matthews.
James Landry rep. Richard Phillips; Bobby Rideout rep. Lyons Seafoods; David Rideout rep. Henry Collins; Jayne and Neil Shimwell, Matt Palmer, Jayne Welch rep. Alan Welch, Bernie and Ros Pinnell; Ann Byfield-Jones rep. Tim; David Lane, Lee and Dave Rowley, Paul and Sarah Whatley, Dennis and Gwen Kent, Sally Hartley, Sophie Hartley, Keith Haine, Joshua and Carole Burt rep. Chris; Pat and Eric Whitcombe, Sue Jepson, Luke Pinnell rep. Ann Andrews; Siobhan Pinnell rep. Maureen McCormick and Laurie Bower; Lance McCormick, Angie Miles, Rob and Lynne Blake, Nigel Mansfield, Bob and Rita Bailey rep. Wayne, Fred and family.
Viv Regalar rep. family; Sally Isaac rep. Chris Isaac, Amy, Eleanor, Nick, Josie Cambridge and the Cambridge-King family; Mr and Mrs Reed, David Whatley, Gail and Malcolm Coe, Susan and Gene Shave, Steve Andrews, David Pickford, Denise Stewart rep. Jon Penny; Doreen Arrendell, Sarah and Hillary Wetherburn, Lulu and Dave Saunders, Mrs S. Crichton, Alison Saunders, Abigail Panpher, Geoffrey Tryhorn, Melanie Curtis, Paul Tryhorn, Chris Spender, and Stephen Allard.