Spirited Football Between FC St. George & Rowde FC At Warminster On Remembtance Sunday

Sunday 13th November 2016:

Wearing their poppies: FC St. George (Warminster) 
pictured on Remembrance Sunday, prior to their 
Wiltshire County FA Sunday Cup match against 
Rowde FC. The two teams and the officials stood 
opposite one another and observed two-minutes 
silence "for the fallen" before the kick-off.

FC St. George found themselves having to work 
hard against the Sunday League Premier Divison 
team who are also the WG Parr Trophy winners. 
Rowde FC, who are known as "The Rowdy Cows" 
proved the victors at St. George's Field on Sunday, 
the final score of what was a very spirited match, 
being 5-4.

 Rowde FC ("The Rowdy Cows").

Photographs taken by Danny Howell
on Sunday 13th November 2016.