A Nun's Story - Saint Edith Of Wilton

Wednesday 28th December 2016:

'A Nun's Story - Saint Edith Of Wilton' was the title of a lecture by Dinton historian Dr Lucile Campey, at the Wednesday 7th December 2016 meeting of the Salisbury & South Wiltshire Association of the National Trust.

Saint Edith of Wilton was a nun of high status, as befitted her birth as the daughter of the Saxon King Edgar, but she never wanted high office. She died, aged only 23, in the year 984 and was buried in what was then Wilton Abbey. She was canonised a saint soon after her death.

Such was her fame that for over 500 years many thousands of pilgrims visited her grave and this only ceased when Henry VIII had Wilton Abbey razed to the ground during the dissolution of the monasteries. 

However, one present-day reminder of Saint Edith is her depiction in a stained glass window at St. Mary's Church, Dinton.

Wilton, in Saint Edith's time was a major centre of learning and was far more important than Salisbury. Indeed, Saint Edith's mother Wulfthryth became the abbess of Wilton Abbey after she returned there with her daughter by King Edgar.