£50,000 From Warminster Town Council To Warminster Community Radio Is Not "A Gift" But "A Service Agreement" Says Veronica Mills

Wednesday 22nd March 2017:

Veronica Mills, a member of the Warminster Town Council staff, has responded to Councillor Steve Dancey's comments (published on www.dannyhowell.net yesterday) with regard "a £50,000 gift" from Warminster Town Council to Warminster Community Radio.

Veronica writes ~ 

"I notice you’ve published on your website a ‘press release’ from Councillor Dancey that is being sent to various organisations. Can I just let you know that it contains several incorrect facts."

"First, the £50,000 is not a gift to WCR but a service agreement for a period of 5 years (the duration of an Ofcom licence) for which WCR receives payment in return for a level of service to the Town Council and to the town in general. At the meeting on Monday the voting was 6 in favour, 3 against and 4 abstentions, the latter including 2 independents. It is incorrect that 4 members were in opposition."

"Second, the decision to enter into the agreement with WCR was made on 13th June 2016 by the Finance and Assets committee who supported it by 6 votes to 1. The vote on Monday was to approve the final piece of administration to sign the agreement which commences on 1st April. Full Council had ample opportunity to discuss this in January when the final budget proposals were put to them. However no member asked for any adjustments to be made and the budget was approved unanimously by Full Council with Cllr Dancey as the proposer. It is totally incorrect to say that the meeting on Monday was the first opportunity Full Council had had to discuss this."

"I hope you will take due consideration of the facts of this issue."

To read Councillor Steve Dancey's comments, click on: http://www.dannyhowell.net/2017/03/councillor-steve-dancey-independent.html