Councillor Dancey Asks Why Warminster Town Council Needs A "Service Agreement" With A Radio Station ~ He Also Says The Difference Between A £50,000 "Gift" And A £50,000 "Service Agreement" Is Just Words ~ And Refers To What He Calls "A Clever Red Herring" In Warminster Town Council's Budget With Regard The £50,000 Cost Of The "Service Agreement" Between The Council And Warminster Community Radio

Wednesday 22nd March 2017:

After published a press release issued by Warminster Town Councillor Steve Dancey concerning a £50,000 "gift" by the Council to Warminster Community Radio: see, we published a response from Veronica Mills, a member of Warminster Town Council staff, in which she said the £50,000 was not a gift but a service agreement. Veronica also wanted to let us know that Councillor Dancey's press release contained "several incorrect facts":

Councillor Dancey has contacted again. He writes ~

"If I may respond to Veronica's Mills' comment I would point out that four people voted in favour of my amendment - myself, Paul Macdonald, Paul Batchelor and Nick Dombkowski. Please contact them if you are in any doubt. That makes four NOT three."

"The difference between a gift and a service agreement is just words. They [Warminster Community Radio] get the money for very little. Calling it a service agreement is a way of [Warminster Town Council] overcoming its £2,000 limit on grants to outside bodies."

"Why does a small local council need a service agreement with a radio station? We  [Warminster Town Council] must be the only council in the United Kingdom that has such a thing in place."

"Finally - this is the only time this matter has been specifically on the agenda for a vote by the full town council. On Monday, the motion was lost by 6 votes to 4 with 3 members abstaining. THAT IS A FACT."

"If you could indulge me a little further. Veronica Mills mentions the opportunity to bring this matter up at the budget but of course this grant, sorry, "service agreement" runs for five years while the budget is set for just the next financial year. A clever red herring."