Councillor Steve Dancey (Independent) Says £50,000 Gift From Warminster Town Council To Warminster Community Radio Is Unfair

Tuesday 21st March 2017:

A press release issued by Warminster Town Councillor Steve Dancey: 

Warminster Town Council has voted narrowly to back proposals to gift £50,000 to Warminster Community Radio (WCR) over the next five years. 

At a meeting of the full Town Council held at Warminster Civic Centre on the evening of Monday 20th March 2017, six Conservative town councillors backed the proposal which was opposed by four independent members - while three members abstained.

The vote on Monday evening was the first opportunity for the full Town Council to discuss the proposal and means that the hands of the councillors who will be elected in May 2017 have now been tied on this issue.

Councillor Steve Dancey (Independent) moved a motion that the matter be delayed until the new councillors are in place so that they could take the decision about how the money is spent during their tenure.

Councillor Dancey said: “People can judge for themselves whether or not this is a good use of public money at a time of austerity. However, any right thinking person would think it proper that those elected in May take the decision about how the money should be spent in the years until 2022. My view is that there are better things to spend this money on."

Councillor Dancey added: "I also would question whether it is correct for public money to be used to support one local news media outlet to the tune of almost £200 a week for the next five years when traditional local news outlets, such as print media, are facing such huge financial challenges. The decision is very unfair.”


Veronica Mills, a member of staff at Warminster Town Council has replied to this press release issued by Councillor Dancey. To read Veronica's response click on: