Warminster Civic Centre To Acquire A Defibrillator

Wednesday 8th March 2017:

Warminster Civic Centre To Acquire A Defibrillator

Several approaches have been made to Warminster Town Council over the past year suggesting it would be beneficial for defibrillators to be installed within the town and that one should be located at Warminster Civic Centre.

Having investigated the schemes available for the Civic Centre it was decided that entering into a four-year Memorandum of Understanding with the South Western Ambulance Service (SWAS) was the preferred option as SWAS would provide full back-up service for the running of the machine and annual defibrillator awareness sessions which will be open to the community. The Finance and Assets Committee voted unanimously in favour of going ahead with this option.

The scheme will cost £1,800 plus VAT for the four-year period and Friends of Warminster Hospital have offered to make a contribution towards the cost.

The town will need approximately ten machines for a full programme of coverage. Other sites to be considered should have a high footfall, cover a wide age range, have a suitable building for the defibrillator to be installed externally and be easily available to the public. SWAS will support the Council in identifying future sites should any further installations be considered.