A Cat Has A Look In A Car Outside The Ashwood Care Centre, Warminster

Sunday 23rd April 2017:

 "Hello, it's me, the white cat at 
Ashwood Care Centre, Gipsy Lane, Warminster."

 "I've seen someone parking their car . . ."

" . . . so I'm going over to be nosey."

 "The car door is open, 
a chance for me to jump inside."

 "Might as well have a look out of one
of the back windows while I'm inside this car."

"And have a good inspection of the front too."

"I know I shouldn't be in here."

"Okay, I'll get out now."

"I'll go back into the Ashwood Care Centre
when the door opens."

"It's nice and warm in here. 
The staff are lovely caring people, 
the folks who live here have lots of 
wonderful memories about days gone by, 
and the visitors make a big fuss of me."

 Photographs taken by Danny Howell
on Sunday 23rd April 2017.