Primal Magic: The Prehistoric Landscape In British Art ~ Lecture At Salisbury Museum

 Stonehenge c. 1827-28.
Watercolour by JMW Turner,
copyright The Salisbury Museum.

Primal Magic:
The Prehistoric Landscape in British Art
a talk by
Professor Sam Smiles
 Salisbury Museum,
The Kings House, 65 The Close, 
Salisbury SP1 2EN
Wednesday 26th April 2017.
Private View at 6.00 p.m.
Talk at 7.00 p.m.

In this talk Professor Sam Smiles, curator of 
the ‘British Art: Ancient Landscapes’ exhibition, 
will look at some examples of artistic 
engagements with British antiquity that 
lie beyond the topographical record.  
Prehistoric remains stimulated many artists 
to wrestle with the monuments' enigmatic 
identities and to meditate on the course 
of history. Their responses are very different, 
as would be expected over two centuries 
of effort, but they share a concern to 
offer something richer than a simple 
transcription of the prehistoric landscape.

Booking required for this event.
Cost £12 (includes a glass of wine).
For further information
telephone 01722 332151