The Imber Amble ~ Informal Road Run From Warminster Celebrating Three Vehicles Produced In 1937

The Imber Amble
Sunday 20th August 2017

An Informal Road Run
celebrating 80 years of age of three vehicles:

DYO 570 Austin 10/4 Van
John Pomeroy

AMO 160 AEC Monarch
Bob Smith

DXK 851 Albion CL 122
John Pomeroy

Starting at 10.30 a.m.
from the Central Car, Warminster.
The route is around parts of
Salisbury Plain. On the return journey
there will be a stop at Imber
(seven miles from any town)
subject to the Army opening Salisbury Plain
(alternative route available).
The amble finishes at a green field
opposite 83 Upper Marsh Road,
Warminster, BA12 9PW.

Barbecue Lunch - £5.
All donations in aid of
The Parish Church of St. Denys,
The Minster, Warminster.

For further details
contact John Pomeroy:
telephone 01985 214910