Yoga Classes On Tuesdays At The Bath Arms, Horningsham

Friday 21st April 2017:

Yoga Classes
The Bath Arms, Horningsham, BA12 7LY
1.30 p.m. to 2.45 p.m.
Mixed ability. Everyone welcome.
Just drop in!
You don't need to be 25, super bendy
or eat tofu to enjoy yoga.
All you need is your mat.

Ashtanga Hatha Flow.
Energising class for strength and flexibility
in movement with a guided relaxation.
With the more gentle Hatha approach to
yoga synchronizing each breath to provide
an achievable continuous series of poses
flowing from one to another creating
meditation through movement.
Pauline combines her 22 year love of yoga
with 20 years as a chiropractor to keep
you safe within your practice, whatever
your level. Regain you strength and
flexibility while toning your body
and calming the mind.

For further details contact
Pauline Jones
telephone 07901 000265