Warminster Town Council Opposes Overdevelopment Of 3 High Street, Warminster

Tuesday 23rd May 2017:

Warminster Town Council Opposes Overdevelopment Of 3 High Street, Warminster

The planning application for 3 High Street, Warminster, met with opposition from Warminster Town Council on Monday (22nd May 2017) due to the unsuitability of the plans for the site. The proposals were for the existing frontage to be
refurbished to provide two shops with four flats above and for the rear of the building to be developed into two dwellings with a further three dwellings on the land behind Curfew Cottage and the Chapel of St Lawrence.

Representatives from the feoffees of The Chapel Of St Lawrence were concerned that they had not had any meaningful dialogue with the developers over the question of access and that it would not be possible for scaffolding to be erected on the chapel’s land. The two town houses proposed at the rear of 3 High Street would overpower the chapel and Curfew Cottage, with loss of light to the west-facing stained glass window and loss of privacy to both buildings.

The removal of all 26 trees on the plot at the rear of Curfew Cottage where three cottages were to be built seemed excessive and inappropriate and there were concerns that the plans did not appear to make any parking provision for the proposed dwellings.

Councillors debated the issues at some length and wanted to make it clear that they were extremely keen to see the scaffolding removed from 3 High Street and the building brought back into use, so they did not want to dissuade development of the site. However, it was essential that any
development must be in keeping with the town centre and should not impact negatively on the Chapel of St Lawrence. The plans would mean gross overdevelopment in a sensitive conservation area, with totally unsuitable access both for construction and residential traffic. The application was
recommended for refusal on the grounds of gross overdevelopment, loss of amenity to neighbouring
properties and the setting of the site in a conservation area. Members also requested that the application be ‘called in’ by the unitary councillor to be heard at the Western Area Planning Committee of Wiltshire Council.

"It is unfortunate that Warminster Town Council is unable to support this application, but we would welcome a more sympathetic set of plans for the site," said Councillor Sue Fraser, Chairman of the Town Council’s Planning Advisory Committee.