Lidl Has Donated £750 To Warminster Town Council For Tree Planting Locally ~ Restitution For The Trees Lidl Felled At Their Supermarket Site At Station Road, Warminster

Wednesday 14th June 2017:

Warminster Town Council Has Received Funds From Lidl For Tree Planting

Warminster Town Council has received the sum of £750 from Lidl as restitution for the felling of trees at the Lidl site at Station Road, Warminster. The accompanying letter said the cheque had been sent: "as a gesture of goodwill for the Town Council to use towards replacement tree(s) to be planted at location(s) of your choosing within the local area.”

The decision as to where to plant the trees will be made by Warminster Town Council's Town Development Committee at its next meeting in September 2017.