Warminster Town Council Grants To Local Community Organisations

Wednesday 14th June 2017:

Grants Awarded To Local Community Organisations By Warminster Town Council

Members of Warminster Town Council’s Finance and Assets Committee meeting, on Monday 12th June 2017, considered grant applications made by local community organisations. The sums requested from the 18 applicants exceeded the £8,000 funds available from the Town Council, and members had to give serious consideration to the benefits to the community from the work of the organisations before arriving at their decision. They approved grants to 15 applicants with a total value of £6,950.

Recipients will be notified of the result of their applications shortly, and will be invited to attend a presentation of their awards in due course.

Warminster Town Council grants are issued on an annual basis and are considered at the Finance and Assets Committee meeting in June. Grants are subject to strict criteria and should be for capital projects and not running costs. Application forms can be obtained from the Town Council offices at Warminster Civic Centre, and must be submitted by the closing date of 31st May.