Filling Casual Vacancies On Heytesbury, Imber & Knook Parish Council

Saturday 16th September 2017:

Filling Casual Vacancies
Vacancies within Heytesbury, Imber & Knook Parish Council are due to be filled very soon. Heather Parks who has been supporting the Council on a temporary basis as Clerk has now been asked by the Council to take up the position permanently. She has accepted and said “Having recently retired as Clerk to Warminster Town Council it was not my intention to take up another position, however, it has been delightful to work with the Villages, getting to know the local members and managing a smaller scale of work which requires a different approach. This has made the position very interesting and I look forward to using my experience to benefit the Parish.”

The two Casual Vacancies of Parish Councillor have been advertised but no election has been called. The positions will now be decided by co-option at the next Council meeting scheduled for 24th October 2017. A notice has been issued inviting prospective candidates to complete a short application form which is available from the Clerk or the Parish website, This process is welcomed by the existing members as there will be no election costs to cover. The successful candidates will need to receive majority votes and this will take place during the meeting. Once selected, the new Councillors will be eligible to take part in meetings from November 2017. The Parish Council looks forward to receiving nominations and filling the vacant positions.