Heytesbury, Imber & Knook Parish Council Preparing For Winter

Saturday 16th September 2017:

Preparing For Winter
Heytesbury, Imber & Knook Parish Council met for its September 2017 meeting and there have been a number of projects started during the summer. Planning for winter, the Outside Spaces working group have drawn together several initiatives that they will take forward in the next few months.

Chairman of the Working Group, Councillor Vanessa Sturmey, said “I am delighted to get this group off the ground and work alongside my colleagues on the Parish Council to ensure that we try and keep the Villages looking their best all year round”. The group would undertake the weekly and monthly checks of the play equipment on the school field to make sure that it remained in good condition and further discussion is to take place on the accessibility of the kissing gates at Mill Field. Salt bins have been repaired or replaced and the contents checked and are ready for use if needed on Parish roads during the winter months.

Councillor Perry continues to be the Parish Flood Warden and is first point of contact for information. The Parish holds a supply of sandbags and signs. Getting relevant and necessary information out to residents will be one of the main topics for the October 2017 Council meeting. Members are however, looking to set up a Parish wide volunteer party to assist with managing some of the outside spaces and if anyone is interested in joining, the Clerk or Councillors would love to hear from you.