Warminster Town Council Opposes Overdevelopment Of 3 High Street, Warminster

Monday 18th September 2017:

Warminster Town Council Opposes Overdevelopment Of 3 High Street, Warminster
The planning application for 3 High Street, Warminster, was once again considered at Warminster Town Council’s Planning Advisory Committee meeting on Monday 11th September 2017, when it was met with opposition from town councillors. After careful consideration it was felt that the amendments contained in the plans were so minor they were unable to affect councillors’ initial recommendations from May when the plans were first considered. The proposals remain for the existing frontage to be refurbished to provide two shops with four flats above and for the rear of the building to be developed into two dwellings with a further three dwellings on the land behind Curfew Cottage and the Chapel of St. Lawrence.

Representatives from the feoffees of the Chapel of St. Lawrence were concerned that the application had been resubmitted to cover minor modifications but now included the path between the Chapel and 3 High Street, which was regarded as a major alteration as it assumes that the path is vital to the application to provide access rights and that some form of excavation will be required to support utilities, foundations, scaffolding or other building works.

Town Councillors debated the proposal at some length; this included their concerns regarding access to the site, ownership of the pathway and the need for empathetic works in this area, and drainage issues. They wanted to make it
clear that they were extremely keen to see the site developed, but with a more sympathetic set of plans.

The application was recommended for refusal on the grounds of overdevelopment and loss of heritage, both visual and physical. "It is unfortunate that the Town Council continues to be unable to support this application. As we said in May, we wish to see this site developed but with a more sympathetic set of plans and the proposed amendments do not fulfil this," said Councillor Sue Fraser, Chairman of the Town Council’s Planning Advisory Committee.