Not The Red Baron - One Pilot's Love Story. Talk At Mere

Mere Literary Festival

Not The Red Baron
One Pilot's Love Story.
A talk by Geoff Pridmore
The Grove Building,
Church Street, Mere, BA12 6DS
Monday 9th October 2017
7.30 p.m.

Admission £6.

Robin Bowes died at the controls of his
replica Red Baron Fokker Triplane
during the National Trust's Centenary 
Celebrations at Stourhead in 1995.
Perhaps you were there and witnessed
his bravery in avoiding the watching crowd.

Geoff Pridmore, who came from Corsley on
the Longleat Estate, did witness the crash,
and, through a later series of bizarre
coincidences, got to know Robin's family
and friends. Their stories about Robin led
him to write and research a biography.
It is the story of the last of the great
barnstormers who earned his living
entirely from display flying. It is a story
of determination, hope, love and loss
which will appeal to everyone.

Geoff Pridmore is a writer, actor, film-maker
and member of the Society of Authors.
He grew up on the Longleat Estate and 
delighted in the history of rural Wiltshire.
He studied method acting and wrote and
performed  the story of King Alfred
which toured schools and theatres in
southern England. He later graduated in
journalism and is the author of
Teach Yourself Journalism
published by Hodder & Stoughton.

One Pilot's Love Story
will appeal to those fascinated by
history, who like a good love story
and to everyone who looks skyward
at the sound of an aeroplane's engine.

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