St. James Church, Tytherington, Was Endowed By Empress Matilda

Saturday 21st October 2017:

 St. James Church, Tytherington.

 The sign outside the church
features some interesting notes.

 The wording reads:
The Church Of St James
Founded Prior To 1083.
This Church and a dwelling for two
Chaplains was endowed by the Empress
Mathilda mother of King Henry II in 1140.
To the passer by this ancient church is a
witness to the spiritual facts of life and a
silent reminder to those who pass by that no
life is worthily lived that neglects its duty to
God. His worship is simple and reverent it aims
at lifting the thoughts of men and women away
from the harassing things of the world to the
High and Holy things of Jesus Christ: to those
who need a haven of rest and worship and
have not found it, this Church stands as it
has done throughout the ages
To Welcome You.

 Photographs taken by Danny Howell
on Saturday 21st October 2017.