Warminster Christmas Lights Switch-On 2017 ~ Gallery 1

Saturday 25th November 2017:

Christmas Lights Switch-On 2017.
Photographs taken by Danny Howell.

 High Street, Warminster,
closed to motor vehicles
for the lights switch-on.

The Big Red Fun Bus,
for youngsters to play inside while
waiting for the lights switch-on.

The decorated Christmas tree outside
the Chapel of St. Lawrence.

A crowd starts to grow.

Warminster Brass Band
played seasonal music
while the crowd gathered.

It was cold but the crowd
came wrapped up warm.

 A snack wagon nearby gave people
the chance to buy hot food.

Master of Ceremonies
Barry Mole
(Warminster Community Radio)
awaits the arrival of the lantern parade.

Led by a drummer,
the lantern parade arrives.

At the head of the lantern parade:
Warminster Town Crier: Phil Seddon;
The Mayor of Warminster: Rob Fryer;
and the Mayor's Consort: Sue Burrows.

 Charlie the donkey.

 Father Christmas, followed by
Pip Ridout with Penny-Jayne Loveday.

 Penny-Jayne Loveday was to have
the honour of turning on
Warminster Christmas Lights 2017.

 Penny-Jayne's father Bryan Loveday
generously sponsored the
Warminster Christmas Lights 2017
switching-on event.

Drummer Tristan Head.

 Barry Mole asks the crowd for a big
round of applause for
Warminster Town Band, the choir,
the nativity players and all those
who had taken part in the lantern parade.