Wild Edric At The Granary, The George Hotel, Frome

Mr Rook's 
Wild Edric
Amy Douglas and Lucy Wells
The Granary, George Hotel,
Market Place, Frome, BA11 1AF
(enter through the George Hotel bar)
Thursday 30th November 2017
7.30 p.m.
(Doors open at 7.00 p.m.)

Wild Edric: A Marriage Beyond the Mortal.
The cry of a horn, the trample of hooves, 
Wild Edric rides over mynd and mountain.
Protector of the land, hero of the people, 
warrior for peace and harbinger of war
A tangled story of love and war, 
loss and redemption.
Storytelling, song and music combine to 
tell a story that resonates in the bones of the land.

Wild Edric is the scarred hero of the Welsh Marches. 
He is the guardian of the rugged wild land 
that creases and rears up into the Shropshire hills. 
His fairy bride, Godda, like the land, 
is untamed, beautiful and dangerous.
The two form a bridge, between this world 
and the otherworld, holding the dignity 
of the old ways against the Norman onslaught.

Where Earth meets Dream in the territory 
of the wild, Edric crosses boundaries, 
defends borders and maintains a vision of 
lost connection in these stories of Shropshire 
and the Borderlands.

A real man, alive in the time of 
William the Conqueror, the legend of 
Wild Edric tells of the struggle to protect 
people, land and a way of life in a rapidly 
changing world. Storytelling and music 
combine to tell a story of magic and desperate
 ignorance that resonates through time, 
held deeply in the local landscape

Amy Douglas
AmyDouglas discovered storytelling in her teens 
and has been a passionate performer 
and promoter ever since. Her most recent book, 
Shropshire Folk Tales won a 
Storytelling World Honors Award. 
She is a gossip, wordsmith and lover of the 
spoken word in all its forms. A storyteller of 
integrity, wit and subtle humour, she has 
been an integral part of the re-emergence of
storytelling in Shropshire and Britain.

Lucy Wells
Musician, performer and artist, Lucy has 
always loved stories and the gold thread 
of narrative runs bright through all her 
multi-faceted work. Lucy has a deep-rooted 
love of the natural world and sees traditional 
story as the heartbeat of our connection 
with the world around us. Lucy is a long term 
Tai Chi practitioner, a plant spirit medicine healer 
and an initiated Fire Keeper 
with the Sacred Fire community.

'Enchanting, loved the humour and the magic 
of the tales – peppered with history'
'Love the stories, woven into a marvellous patchwork 
along with music, story, song and wonderful props.
Love it!' Birmingham Story Café.

Tickets £7/£5 available online
or on the door on the night.

Mr Rook's Speak Easy is a performance 
storytelling club based at Rook Lane Chapel