A Framed Cerificate Recording The Age Of The Yew Tree Outside St. Denys Church, Warminster

Saturday 2nd December 2017:

A framed certificate at the Parish Church
of St. Denys (The Minster), Warminster,
recording the age of the yew tree which stands
near the front porch of the church.
Dated 1988, the wording reads:
"The Conservation Foundation,
Country Living, Yew Tree Campaign.
This is to certify that using all the data
we have to hand, the age of the yew tree
at St. Denys, The Minster, Warminster,
is 650 years. Please do all that you can
to help prolong the life of this
venerable member of your community.
[Signed] ++Robert Cantuar [Robert Runcie]
The Archbishop of Canterbury.
[Signed] Allen Meredith.
[Signed] Robert Hardy.

 Photographs taken by Danny Howell
on Saturday 2nd December 2017.