Warminster Town Council Backs Residents’ Call For Parking Permit Scheme At Newport And The Mews

Monday 11th December 2017:

Warminster Town Council Backs Residents’ Call For Parking Permit Scheme At Newport And The Mews

Approximately 80 per cent of the residents of Newport and The Mews, Warminster, attended Warminster Town Council's Town Development Committee meeting on Monday 4th December 2017 in support of a petition they had submitted asking for a permit parking scheme for the cul-de-sac. 

Speaking on behalf of the assembled homeowners, Mr Jeremy Mahoney detailed the problems that were mounting daily with non-residents in search of free parking, blocking the pavements and creating a health and safety hazard. Mr Mahoney gave an example of an incident during the summer when an ambulance was called in the middle of the night for a gravely ill resident. “The ambulance was not able to get past the parked cars and as the owners were not residents of Newport they could not be traced. It took the ambulance a considerable time to get a matter of 50 yards and the resident involved sadly died later.” 

Mr Mahoney stressed that a similar situation could arise in the case of a fire, with risk to life and property. The number of cars “cruising” for spaces daily and having to turn in the confined space to exit the area was also a hazard, with residents’ vehicles often being damaged. The volume of cars parked on the pavement was forcing the elderly and mothers with pushchairs out into the road. 

The residents had considered possible solutions and had reached agreement that the best option would be to zone Newport and The Mews as a residents’ parking area. They were prepared to pay the necessary charge for administering the scheme and urged the Town Council to help them, having considered the gravity of the situation. 

Warminster town councillors recognised that parking was a thorny issue throughout the town and there were many areas suffering similar problems. Town Councillor Denis Brett said “We must listen sincerely to the voice of residents and address this matter with urgency. There are health and safety issues involved.” 

It was acknowledged that a permit scheme would have to be agreed to by all the residents of Newport and The Mews as there would be charges for the implementation and maintenance of such a scheme. There would be no opt-out available. Those in attendance were confident that all residents were in support of this. Town Councillors asked for their support for the petition from Newport and The Mews residents to be reinforced at the next Community Area Transport Group (CATG) meeting in February 2018 and to ask CATG to establish the costs of implementing a permit scheme. The information would be reported back to the residents of Newport and The Mews.