Parking Regulations Sign At Three Horseshoes Walk Customer Car Park, Warminster

Tuesday 30th January 2018:

Parking regulations sign,
Three Horseshoes Walk Car Park,

Three Horseshoes Walk Customer Car Park.
Free Parking 3 Hours.
Site is managed by both ANPR
(Automatic Number Plate Recognition)
cameras and a mobile parking attendant.

A parking charge notice of £70 will be
issued in the following circumstances:
Exceeding the maximum stay of 3 hours;
Parked out of marked bay;
Obstructive parking;
Parking in a disabled bay without
displaying a valid disabled badge.

This land is private property and the responsibility
of the owner. Horizon Parking Ltd have been
appointed to enforce the terms and conditions
of parking. Horizon Parking Ltd are members of
the British Parking Association and strictly adhere
to the BPA's code of practice for parking on
private land and unregulated car parks.
Details of the BPA's code of practice can be
Contract law applies.
If the driver of the vehicle fails to adhere to the
terms and conditions of parking, a parking
charge notice (PCN) will be issued.
If paid within the first 14 days a discounted
PCN rate will apply. For attendant issued
PCNs, vehicle keeper details may be requested
from the DVLA. For Automatic Number Plate
Recognition PCNs vehicle keeper details will
be requested from the DVLA. Vehicle keeper
details will be requested for the purpose of
recovering the notice. Additional charges may be
incurred if further action needs to be taken
after 28 days in respect of an unpaid parking
charge notice. Horizon Parking Ltd do not
accept responsibility for loss or damage to vehicles
on this property or the contents thereof, unless
such loss or damage is caused by the
negligence of Horizon Parking Ltd.
Parking conditions apply 24/7.

This car park is private property and is managed
by Horizon Parking Ltd on behalf of the owners.
Vehicles left at owners' risk.
Helpline - 0845 519 6265.

Horizon Parking Ltd, Finitor House,
2 Hanbury Road, Chelmsford,
Essex, CM1 3AE.
Company number 07748407.

Photographs taken by Danny Howell
on Tuesday 30th January 2018.